Faces Canada Concealer Brush Review

Faces Canada Concealer Brush

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Today, I am going to review a makeup accessory, the Faces Canada Concealer Brush. Many of us use our fingers to apply and blend the concealer, as the warmth of skin melts the product. This is easy if you use stick concealer, however, if you use a cream concealer in a tub form, then dipping your fingers in it is neither convenient nor hygienic in my opinion.

I had purchased the colorbar true cover concealer (which I loooove), and was in search for a good concealer brush for it. I don’t like using two in one brushes. I do not have any specific reason for it, but I just don’t like brush on both ends. Also, I noticed, that as far as makeup accessories are concerned, we don’t have much options in the Indian Market, which is sad, because you cannot expect a beginner to know about Sigma and Mac. I mean, where are our own kabukis and buffing brushes??? Even a basic concealer brush is not available in most of the brands!!!!


Anyway, I was browsing and browsing and drowsing (really! I was so bugged and bored by then because I couldn’t find anything) when I came across this one. Since I had no other option, I thought of giving this a try.


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Faces Concealer Brush comes in a sleek zip pouch, which has enough space for two three more sleek brushes. It is priced at Rs. 249/-. I love the packaging, its just so convenient. Apart from the concealer brush, I store my eye brushes too inside it.


My experience with Faces Canada Concealer Brush

Coming to the brush, it is a black coloured, sleek, long handled brush. The bristles are not very dense, but enough for a concealer brush. It picks up the right amount of concealer, and its easier to conceal spots too with this one. I have washed it twice, and it did not shed a single bristle. Some brushes have bristles which tend to become stiff over time due to washing. Faces Concealer Brush wins in this field too. The bristles are still gentle.

Summing up

Pros of Faces Canada Concealer Brush

Convenient and Reusable packaging.
Easy to hold. The grip is good.
The Bristles are gentle on face and eye are.
Doesn’t shed on washing.
Easily available online.


Cons of Faces Canada Concealer Brush

Seriously, I wanted to find at least one to deduct a half mark at the minimum, but could not!!! I do not find any cons with this product!!


My Ratometer rates Faces Concealer Brush 5/5 !!!!!!

Will I Repurchase Faces Canada Concealer Brush?

If I need ( because this is going to last a long time ), Yes.

Do I Recommend Faces Canada Concealer Brush?

Of course Yes. At the price tag of Rs. 249/- , it is a very affordable brush, but at the same time with no compromise on quality. Go for it.

Hope you all find this useful, and if your search for a good concealer brush comes to an end with my review, then my sharing would truly be worth it.

Thanks for reading!

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15 thoughts on “Faces Canada Concealer Brush Review

  1. 5/5 looks super good *clap* *clap* *clap* i think all the brushes from faces are amazing but somehow i end up using for fingers for concealing *hihi* *hihi* *hifive*

    1. *hihi* *hihi* ya i know even i pat it with my fingers…but i cant dip my fingers in the pot yaaar…nails me chala jata..its so gross…so i apply and blend with this and then finally pats with fingers *hifive* *haan ji*

      1. Ohhh yaaa i totally forgot about the pots.. *hihi* *hihi* i am mostly towards those pens with a brush on top *hifive* *hifive* yaa obvio i know its soo much annoying if it goes inside the nails *smack*

        1. ohhh i wanted to buy that l’oreal true match one…but then i didn’t know whether it would suit my super oily skin..so went for colorbar pot *jalwa*

  2. Thanks for the review! Was looking for a good quality affordable concealer brush for my kryolan concealer…will give this a try!

    1. oh jomol ma’am…its kadambari..nobody gets my name right..its so lamba na *cry* *cry*
      and i knooooow its an excellent brush i loooooove it *happy dance* (till i find something better *hihi* )

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