Faces Creme Matte Lip Gloss Dusky Beige Review, Swatch

Faces Canada Creme Matte Lip Gloss Dusky Beige Review, Swatch

face matte lip cream dusky beige review

Price:399 for 4.5 ml (often available in lesser on fashion and you)

The shades available: mauve, peach pink, hot red, and this one and a maroon too (these are the ones I remember)

About the crème matte lip gloss (what’s in a name:/)

Face matte lip creme

• Made from flex form complex which immediately defines and smoothens lips
• It is easy to apply offers complete color coverage and helps keep lips soft and shiny forever (really?)
• Dermatologically tested

Dusky beige Faces cosmetics lip cream

The first thing when I saw this “crème matte lip gloss” I noticed was the name . I was mighty confused whether it is those creamy shiny liquid lipstick kind of a gloss or some product in a tube form and confused it with the faces Canada regular hi shine gloss(much better named). Now the name of this item is so confusing for people like me who may have never tried such a crème matte lip product .I have read of a similar lip cream from bourjoius but never had one and had never got nyx lip creams too before this one. finally I had to chose one and I went by the name :dusky beige”it sounded like a safe color and I had thought it would be a nude among all flaming red and mauves. They do have beautiful but very few choice of colors in all. So I got this one and bingo, nude it was.

Dusky Beige Swatch

Dusky Beige Swatch

Dusky beige is like a creamy lipstick with super pigmentation and full coverage with very little of the product . The color is a nude orangy color almost nude if you use very little. This goes on lighter on the lips than it appears on the tube. So beware.The tube is very pretty to look at and is shiny neat . The applicator is nice and sturdy definitely and the mouth is screw form . That’s the one thing I hate about this product that a lot of it comes out on the wand and we really need very less so it ends up accumulating on the mouth of the tube. I can hear a plop sound every time I insert the wand in and also when I screw the cap the gooey feel on the screws :yuck: there is already a very little of the product in there and everytime I have to go in with a tissue to clean the screws.


Nice and creamy
Matte but very comfortable feel
Just the color I love
Almost nude with a little orange to it
Nice packaging
Stays a decent four hours
Keeps lips very soft and moisturised
Wouldn’t need a lip liner with this
The transfer to cups is negligible
Very very less amount is needed
Looks superb paired with a tone darker lipstick than this one :happydance:


The price 🙄
The mess around the applicator, its almost enough for two applications
You can go in with a lip brush everytime and get that product off the mouth of the tube
The texture is such that if you layer it on it will look horrible, particularly with this color
It would look as if u just got a lip job done :toothygrin:
Faces availability would still be a little bit of an issue ☹
The color washes me out sometimes when I appear tanned
Lighter on lips than in the tube.

NYX vs faces Lip Cream

Last word:

I love the color but use very little with caution. I woudnt mind mixing it with some darker peachy lipstick. It washes me out a lot of times. I think it will not suit everyone. Check out the other pretty colors before trying this one. beige is my comfort zone but still makes wonder.a little pricey though the unique selling point of the product is its texture, neither matte not shiny , just pure cream. A great transition for some one who wasn’t to move from glosses to lippies or vice versa 🙂

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36 thoughts on “Faces Creme Matte Lip Gloss Dusky Beige Review, Swatch

  1. the color looks so diff in the 2 pics!! but no matter which effect it bears…both the shades r lovely!! :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  2. nice nice… its luking nice neha.. nudes r always best to play wid when v cant understand anythng 😉 😉 .. i want to try the faces matte lipsticks too.. even swatched them last wk in the mall but didnt buy 😐 .. sum r really pretty shades in tht too n thts for les.. its 349 i think.. n cosmetix.in pe usse bhi kamm mei hai.. :woot: :woot: :woot:

  3. i bought it from this website healthkart.com at Rs.359. they have a decent range plus they got my color after i requested them.. No need to wait for the sale to come on fashion and you :yahoo:

  4. I loveeee the colour Neha ,but it might just wash me out 🙄 🙄
    Will try it at the counter..but I am definitely checking out other colours too,I like the matte texture :happydance: :happydance:

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