Faces Canada Eyebrow and Mascara Brush Review

Faces Canada Eyebrow and Mascara Brush

This is one helluva brush I was looking for, I was watching some tute on youtube where the makeup artist was filling in the brows with an angular brush,okay no great shakes, we all own an angular brush to fill in brows and to line the eyes sometimes,but when I saw the same brush used by the artist had another end with a spool, a masacar brush like end to it to stroke the eyebrow hair in place, I went wow,the main reason for this long story is that I am high on filling in brows these days and I always need this kind of a mascara brush to set brows in place, when in a hurry I would use and carry this brush and done!


The brush comes in a nice sturdy black pack with use mentioned, I am not too keen on double sided brushes otherwise since they can be a pain to store and carry, spoiling something or the other on the brush, but this one is a must have who pays any attention to brows in makeup.For me this is something I would buy a back up off 😛


One side of the brush is a small angular side, not too small that it would be useless, it is firm and not so wobbly but not so soft either to fill in brows, it is right, no issues there. The bristles look tightly packed too and works fine for me.To fill in brows and shape with brow gel or powder and sometimes you could use this to gel line your eyes very close to the lash line, so anyone who loved angular brushes, this is it.

On the other hand is a regular mascara applicator. For me this serves to comb brows while applying brow powder, I can see well how to shape them since this mascara side is handy.You might find it too long though to carry but it comes in a plastic case you could use to store.


Apart from that, the brush is fine, washes well, and is super handy, I suggest you add this to your basic brush collection.The handle looks very nice black and sturdy as well.The cost is good too, so why wait, head to the Faces Canada store soon.

IMBB rating

5/5 for me it serves the purpose totally.

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  1. Areee wahhh this sounds so cool *woot* *woot* *woot* i have to get somethig like this and faces would be a great one to go with *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

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