Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush Review

Faces Canada Lip Filler brush

Faces has launched 10 professional make up brushes during the end of 2012. Today I am going to review a lip brush from that range. After owing many Inglot freedom lipstick refills, I started picking up many lip brush. I have a lip brush almost everywhere in house and office. Read on further to know my experience on the product.

Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush (6)
Product Description:

Faces professional make-up brushes are handcrafted using the finest material quality for the perfect make-up. They come with an impeccable grip and supremely soft and luxurious bristles to get you a highly defined flawless finish to flaunt.

Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush (5)

Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush (4)
Faces says :
• Firm fibres, flat and small tapered point
• Easy swipe of colour inside the lines
• Precise definition

Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush (7)

Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush (3)
Directions to use:
Use with lipstick or gloss. Apply shade and blend into the lip line for perfect professionally touched coverage each time.

After use, wipe off excess makeup left on the brush and clean in warm water and mild shampoo. Reshape brittles and lay flat to dry.

INR 199

My take on Faces Lip Filler brush:

The brush comes in a zip lock pouch. The zip lock pouch makes the storage easy and comfortable. There is a small bulge where we tend to keep our hand. As they suggest, this gives additional grip and ease of usage. The black brush is very classy and gives a professional look. The brush is very lightweight too. I wish they had come with a lid or something like reversible lip filler which would have made it much more comfortable and attractive.
The bristles are tightly packed. The bristles are soft and smooth. It doesn’t give a scratchy feel. It is densely packed and 1 dip is enough to make 3 to 4 swipes. At the same time, it doesn’t take a lot of product leading to product wastage. It gives a precise application and works well in the corners of the lips. It also helps to tone down bold lip sticks. In addition, it increases the staying power of the lip products.

Pros of Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush :

• Classy black matte packaging.
• Smooth and soft bristles.
• Applies the lip color nicely over lips.
• Zip lock pouch.
• No fall out after washing.
• Fills the lip evenly.
• Good grip and long handle makes it easy to use.
Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush (2)

Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush

Cons of Faces Canada Lip Filler Brush :

• No lid or retractable closing.

I am happy with the purchase. This is better than the Vega and basicare lip brush. I am picking more brushes from Faces. Highly recommended.

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