Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick – 43 Touche

Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick – 43 Touche

I picked up a dozen of these new lippies from Faces called Ultra Moist lipstick, today I am reviewing a very Sharmila Tagore shade in a milky orange, this used to be so popular in those winged eyeliner days of our moms, well these lipsticks are awesome and I am very happy I got so many shades..take a look at this orange one.

Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick -  43 Touche

The packaging is very simple, nothing fancy for 449 bucks, but still it is travel friendly and it has a colored sticker according to the shade inside, so it is super freindly for our stash, it is not that neat but the colored sticker helps no doubt.

Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick -  43 Touche (4)

The shade is creamy, very soft but still not delicate to break, it is super pigmented and glides on well, one swipe is enough, and the color is really really pretty, it is a dirty milky orange, it is not a stark orange but the color in itself is a very unique one, so it can be very very hard to pull off.

Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick -  43 Touche (3)

Isnt it so pretty to look at?The lipstick is all cream it does not have shimmer so I love it, the finish is creamy, not matte so most of us would love it,again, the shade is so pigmented, it is a very different orange so great for us.

Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick -  43 Touche (2)

The color would cover pigmented lips, dry lips would love it too, and it does not stain lips or bleed, it is a very comfy to wear lip color, it might transfer easily since it is cream finish, but apart from that nothing is to be disliked here.

Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick -  43 Touche swatch

The color is a little typical, darker skin tones might look darker in this, fair skin tones with little warm undertones will carry this, so it is a tricky shade, since it is a not a bright orange, wear it carefully, but it is a beautiful color indeed.

Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick -  43 Touche (5)

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26 thoughts on “Faces Canada Ultra Moist Lipstick – 43 Touche

  1. It looks like a very beautiful shade and looks unique indeed *happy dance* *happy dance* i love trying out such shades *drool* *drool*

  2. Very nice shade Neha…and looks good on you! Again, I thought this would be a n*de shade! Are the shade names of Faces lippies off, or is it me!! ??? *scared*

  3. I believe my search for a subtle orange shade has ended with this shade *happydance* *happy dance* *woot* , awesome lip swatch Neha.. Loved the shade *pompom*

  4. Hi
    I bought this lipstick yesterday
    But now i am very reluctant in applying this since i have a dusky complexion and it makes me look more dark
    Also what colour clothes shall i wear to match this shade
    Any sugestions pls

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