Faces Cleansing Buffer -Review

Faces Facial Cleansing Buffer-Review

Based on Sweta’s recommendation, I recently ordered Faces facial cleansing sponge online. I also found another product with more tempting words such as “Deep pore cleansing” and “Gentle exfoliation”. You guess it right. It is nothing but a facial cleansing buffer from the same brand. Naturally, I expected it to effective. Did it satisfy me? Let’s see:
faces cleansing buffer

Product Claims:

• Facial Cleansing buffer for deep pore cleansing and general exfoliation of the skin
• This Facial Cleansing buffer for deep pore cleansing and general exfoliation of dead skin cells. It gently removes dry and dead skin when used with cleanser or facial scrub
faces cleansing buffer
Directions :

Wet sponge in warm water, apply cleanser or facial scrub and gently massage over face in circular motion. Wash off and pat dry your face. Gently wash the sponge in warm soapy water after each use. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze out excess water. Allow to air dry.


Rs 75(Recently raised from Rs 65 to Rs 75)
faces cleansing buffer 1

1 piece

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My Experience with Faces Facial Cleansing Buffer:

Packing is quite similar to that of the cleansing sponge except that it is white in color. This is the only good thing I am going to say in this review. I opened it. I touched the product. Yeah, that’s when the hatred started. It felt like a white scotch brite. It is some kind of rough sponge. I had a doubt that it will scratch my face. So, I tried it on my hands. Oh My God!!! It gave me red bumps. Worst thing is I don’t have sensitive skin and I don’t have any reaction after waxing my hand so you can very well imagine the results on sensitive skin. I try my best not to waste things. I gave a second chance but this time I rubbed it very softly. Even then it scratched my hands. Next I tried it on my foot. Just as you thought, it works really well. I am ok as I can use it on my foot as I didn’t spend much.

Pros of Faces Facial Cleansing Buffer:

Can you think of any positives after reading my experience with it? If you absolutely want one, I can just say it works well for my feet.

Cons of Faces Facial Cleansing Buffer:

faces cleansing buffer 2

Everything about the product is bad. It is a rough sponge. It hurts and scratches your skin.

Would I recommend Faces Facial Cleansing Buffer?

Absolute no, except if you want to take revenge upon someone.

Would I repurchase Facial Cleansing Buffer?


IMBB Rating:

1/5(Just because I don’t want to give 0 and It works well on my foot)

This review is only to alert IMBBians about this product. Please don’t hurt yourself.

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14 thoughts on “Faces Cleansing Buffer -Review

  1. Too bad it didnt fare well for the face.. but thankfully it wasnt expensive naa? Glad its working for the foot though
    You can try TBS facial buffer, i had read the review here on IMBB itself and bought it. I use it like twice a month or so, and its pretty nice 🙂

  2. Oh yes.. underarms too.. nice idea Rati! For the past 1 week i have switched to the old grandma era wala loofah.. you know the one thats the dried up vegetable wala?? It works fantastically!

  3. “…except if you want to take revenge upon someone.” lol

    I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. Thank you for warning us.

  4. The TBS facial buffer is pretty good. I bought it just on impulse few days ago and its working well. Thanks for the warning on this one

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