Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour Review

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Continuing with the lip liner series from Faces, here is the shade “Coral Pink.” It might seem to be a must-have in your kitty, but read on first and then decide 🙂

Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour

Rs. 399/- for 1.14 gm.

Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour

My Experience with Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour:

The packaging has nothing extraordinary that I really have to explain. It is a simple wooden pencil which needs to be sharpened. The lid is transparent plastic and fits on well. I hope it stays like this till I use it up as there is no click shut system to it. The body of the pencil is of the same color family as the shade, which makes spotting it easy. The shade name and dates are mentioned on the body as silver imprints.

Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour

The texture is smooth and a bit crumbly smooth initially, but after a few uses, the pencil is smooth and easy to use. I would say that in spite of being a wooden pencil, the texture is pretty smooth and easy to apply. It does not tug or pull the lips on application, but again, you cannot wear it like a lip color as it is dry and uncomfortable even for normal lips.

Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour

Coral pink is a favorite shade of many, just like me and I picked this up, the moment I read the name. Please excuse me when I say this looks ghastly on my lips. The shade is “milky” coral pink and I have to put on layers of foundation and compact and what not, to look presentable with this shade on. I am so unhappy with the shade and I am not sure who will look good with it on. There is something very milky yet neon about this shade. In the hand swatch, it might look okay, but on the lips, it’s a big NO!

Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour

The staying power ranges from 5-6 hours with minimal fading, depending on your fluid and food intake. It does not transfer when applied without a balm or gloss; but it is hardly possible to wear it so. You have to take help of a balm or gloss if you are keen on wearing this shade at all.

Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour

I would suggest put in a few bucks more and get the Colorbar lip definer; that is smoother and comes with a sharpener, and that makes it handier compared to this. Though these two products are of different ranges, I had to do this comparison for you to judge better. Also, there are more shades in Colorbar than Faces lip contour range, but if you do not wish to shell out much for a lip liner, you can try this one out.

Pros of Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour:

  • Affordable.
  • Pigmented.
  • Glides on smoothly.
  • Does not tug.
  • No funny fragrance.

Cons of Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour:

  • Personally speaking, not my shade.
  • No sharpener.
  • Flimsy cap.
  • No ingredient list.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Faces Coral Pink Lip Contour?
Umm….no to both, as I prefer Colorbar lip definers over this any day. If you are on budget, give these a try, otherwise steer clear. This shade particularly is the worst of the three I own.

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