Faces Creme Matte Lip Gloss – Fiery Red Review

Faces Creme Matte Lip Gloss – Fiery Red

Made from Flex form complex which immediately defines and smoothens the lips.
It is easy to apply, offers complete color coverage and helps keep lips soft & shiny forever.
Dermatologically tested.


I got this as a gift recently and you know my love for matte products and NYX products, well this is a take on the lip cream by NYX hence I was happy to get it, well this turned out to be one helluva uncontrollable kinda pinky red, a very bright pink based red.




The packaging is pretty in a simple screw type lid and it has this sponge tip applicator, the color inside is pure cream as in it is really creamy hard thing, it is not a liquid, it wont drip either I suppose and the pigmentation is superb,the pack looks cute too a small and travel friendly one.


So basically this is to be used as an all over cream but honestly it is so deep a color, you need to use it as a stain or it could look like a disaster, I have used it lightly as a stain and you can see how it looks, it is too dark and it is very pink based.


MY lips look nothing great with this, and nothing moisturizing as well, so dry lips can skip, but pigmented lips can try it, again flaky lips can skip it.The color is very bridal and party so most of us cannot use it often.


Though the color may stay on and on, this is not the color I would want my lips to be, this is too red and pink and looks like magenta when it wears off, and the color stains on me a lot! so basically it is a pass for me.


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9 thoughts on “Faces Creme Matte Lip Gloss – Fiery Red Review

  1. thanks for the review Neha… will stay away.. I am using eye pencils from this brand ..thy work fine… bt hvn’t tried these… i agree…. it looks drying as well..nice swatch though 😀

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