Faces Dual Sharpener Review

Faces Dual Sharpener

Hello Everyone,

I believe each one of us reading this article owns at least one cosmetic in pencil form that requires regular sharpening. It can be anything, ranging from eye liners, kajal or lip liners and how many among those use a proper cosmetic sharpener for the purpose.

faces dual pencil sharpener

After having a very awkward experience with Lakme Dual Sharpener as it would not sharpen cosmetic pencils from other brands very well, I decided it was high time I got a new one and from a name that I could trust. I had planned on getting the Chambor one but due to its unavailability in my city, though I tried a number of times, I ordered one online from Faces.

Faces Dual pencil sharpener comes in a small transparent bag like pouch that can serve as a storage pouch later on. Sorry do not have a picture of the pouch as my son took it to store his crayons and later lost it. The sharpener is black in color and has a cylindrical shape that looks attractive and makes it easy to carry. On both its ends are two holes : large one meant for large or jumbo sized pencils and a small one for the normal cosmetic pencils. There is a transparent glass ring in between that connects both the sharpeners and enables easy cleaning.

faces dual pencil sharpener

Price Rs. 105.

Directions for use: Insert cosmetic pencil into the appropriate hole and twist clockwise to achieve the desired point. Just a quick twist and it give s a perfect sharpen point. For best results clean the sharpener regularly.

My experience with Faces Dual Sharpener:

I have been using this Sharpener since the past two months and it has never let me down once. Not once did any of my pencils break while sharpening and there is no wastage at all. It gives a perfect smooth tip and sharpens the toughest of woods. I have tried it with most of the brands like Chambor, The Body Shop, Pierre Cardian, Maybelline and Lakme. The open ends make cleaning very easy. In most sharpeners the ends are closed so it becomes difficult to take the pencil point out once it breaks and you get all messy in the process but in this one the ends are open so the point comes out easily and does not cause any smudges. The pencil flakes are contained inside and can be thrown away as per convenience as you can see in the picture.

Faces Dual Sharpener

Pros of Faces Dual Pencil Sharpener:

1. Reasonably priced for a dual sharpener.
2. Two sharpeners in one so you need not purchase them individually.
3. Sharpens without breakage
4. The open ends make cleaning easy.
5. The sharpeners are inside the casing hence no chances of hurting yourself while searching in the bag or purse.
6. The pencil flakes are contained inside the container so no littering.
7. Attractive and easy to carry around packaging.

Sharpened Pencil Points

Cons of Faces Dual Pencil Sharpener:
Couldn’t find any.

Overall verdict: A very good dual sharpener for cosmetic pencils. It is reasonably priced with a structure that contains the flakes inside and does not cause any litter due to which dust or bacteria do not accumulate in the residue that might later get transferred to our pencils during sharpening as in case of open sharpeners. Hence, completely hygienic.

I am certainly going to repurchase once its blades lose their power.

I consider it to be a worthy investment for your expensive pencils. I believe they also require equal care after all they are the closest friends of our skin.


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25 thoughts on “Faces Dual Sharpener Review

  1. I totally think a good sharpener makes so much of a difference. I have lots of sharpeners and one lakme dual one. Guess would pick this one soon. :))

  2. i have been using it since it was for 80 bucks 😛

    i love it..its handy.. convenient to use..and has got a very good quality blade:)

  3. I too have this,it worth the price!!!
    i have used lakme,tips n toes etc earlier but this one leaves them behind by a HUGE margin!!!

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