Faces Eye Liner Brush Review

Faces Eye Liner Brush

Hi everybody,

I have brought two new brushes, one eye shadow brush and another this one. You can see I am advancing in terms of eye makeup. 😛 May be you could even see me doing eye makeup posts in near future. 😛 Any ways this brush comes in a category of those few classy and useful brushes available in the market. Read on to find more on this one.

Faces Canada Eye Liner Brush

Product description:

Faces Eye Liner Brush is a refined and smartly designed cosmetic product that allows very fine application of eyeliner at your inner as well as outer lash line. The brush is tapered at top with stiff bristles to allow good control.

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Faces Eye Liner Brush could be conveniently held in your hands and one could gradually increase the pressure to widen the eye highlight. Also, the narrow point allows you to put dots between the lashes when you dress your eyes with a perfect and shimmering evening eye makeup.

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Features and Benefits

• Ergonomically designed
• For wet as well as dry eye liner application
• Helps in ultra thin application
• Synthetic bristles are safe to the eyes

Price: INR 299

My experience with faces eye liner brush:

First of all I like the packaging of this brush. The zip lock pouch is so thoughtful and useful. The brush has a long black classy body with black bristles and eye liner written at the end tip. This body resembles lakme absolute range brushes, very classy and attractive.
The bristles are soft and firm at the same time. Like these do not hurt your eyes and at the same time they remain firmly together just as I want them to be. I do not like brushes that are too soft that they bend on application. You can apply gel eyeliners with the tip as well as the side sweeping way with the brush. The application is like a dream with this brush. I am highly impressed with the quality. The brush gives an even and smooth application within no time. I have even tried drawing winged shaped line with this one and it was pretty simple. It does not drink the gel eyeliners. I would say it is just the apt brush I wanted to line my eyes with.

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For cleansing, I wipe it off with the eye makeup remover just after application. There is absolutely no difference in bristles after cleansing or washing. They have not withered or fallen apart even after so many times of usage.

If they charge INR 299, they deliver the quality worth 299.

Why you should buy faces eye liner brush:

• Amazing zip lock pouch, very useful.
• The body of the brush is very classy. I mean one could buy the brush solely for the body and the pouch. 😛
• The bristles are densely packed, firm and soft at the same time.
• Eye liner application is very easy and precise with this brush.
• Easily available.
• Easy to clean.
• Bristles do not get hampered after cleaning or washing.

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Why you should buy faces eye liner brush:

• May seem to be costly for some.

Will I repurchase Faces Eye Liner Brush:

Only if it gets damaged or lost in any case. Otherwise I don’t think this brush is going to ditch me so soon.

Do I recommend Faces Eye Liner Brush:

Yes absolutely, the body, the pouch, the bristles and the efficacy- everything is impressive about this brush.

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Until next time, take care!


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