Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10 Review

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Today, I’ll be reviewing a very important accessory which we all should own in our daily makeup kit. Yes, it is a good quality and functional eyebrow shaping brush. We all are aware of the importance of well-groomed eyebrows and how our eyebrows can bring dramatic change to our overall look. They say, “If you have clean defined eyebrows, then rest all things automatically fall into place.” and truly so.

Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10 Review

I recently picked up this eyebrow brush from ‘Faces’ during my weekend trip to mall. Earlier I would use a regular spoolie brush to shape my eyebrows. This Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10 is the first ever eyebrow brush I am using. Read on to know how my experience has been with this brush.

Product Description:

Faces professional makeup brushes are handcrafted using the finest material quality for the perfect makeup. They come with an impeccable grip and supremely soft bristles to get you a highly defined flawless finish to flaunt.

Sadly, Faces website does not say much about this particular brush. Earlier, they used to have a dual ended angular ‘Eyebrow and Mascara Brush‘ combo for eyebrow shaping. I guess this brush is a new addition to their range of makeup accessories and it is a part of their set of brush kit too. As the website describes, it is a dual purpose brush which is supposed to eliminate mascara clumping and reshape eyebrows.


INR 99.

My Experience with Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10:

Unfortunately, I am not naturally blessed with thick dark eyebrows. So, eyebrow filling and shaping is something I do on a regular basis and I never step out of my home skipping this ritual. I don’t use any powder product to fill in my eyebrows. So, I don’t need an angular brush. Instead, I use Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Brown which works just fine for me. I wanted something to comb my eyebrow hair, to set them in place and to blend the sharp lines of eye pencil from the edges of my eyebrows.

Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10 Review

As I said, I do not own brushes from any high-end brands, and I was in search of a good quality budget eyebrow brush to start with. When I saw this brush on Faces’ counter, I instantly picked it up without doing any research because it is from a reputed brand like Faces and it is decently priced.

Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10 Review

This brush comes in a normal plastic packaging, unlike other Faces brushes which come in zip pouch with Faces logo engraved on it. Little disappointment on packaging department! This brush is neither too long, nor too short, just perfect length to hold it in hand and work on eyebrows. It is a single ended brush with two parts back to back. One is made of plastic, for combing eyelashes in order to get rid of mascara clumping. Another is made of soft bristles to shape the eyebrows.
I must admit, I am pretty satisfied on the way this brush is performing so far.

Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10 Review

Let me tell how I use it. First, I line my eyebrows with a pencil following the natural shape of my eyebrows and then I start filling the gaps with feather soft strokes. Once I achieve the desired intensity, I run the bristles through my eyebrows to set them in place. Then, I use the plastic comb for my eyelashes as well as in the beginning of my brows to lift up brow hair up which gives eyebrows a more natural look.

Though, bristles are decently soft, they are dense and firm enough to blend any sharp lines from the edges. Just few gentle swipes of the brush through my brows and I am done with perfect looking brows to complement my heavily kohled eyes(I am a total kohl/kajal girl by the way).

Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10 Review

To conclude, I would say that this brush is a good budget option especially for daily use, for beginners and for those who are on a budget. It serves all its purpose just fine, if not more than that. The only issue I have with it is, the bristles could be spread up in lesser length span, keeping general eyebrow thickness in mind. Because of this, when I use this brush on brows holding it vertically, the bristles reach on my eye lids also which is annoying.

Summing up pros and cons for quick reference:

Pros of Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10:

• Functional.
• Classy sleek black body.
• Inexpensive.
• Easily available across all Faces counters.
• Soft washable bristles, no shedding post washing.
• Compact and travel friendly design. Easily fits into tiniest of pouches.
• Multi-purpose product. Works on both brows and eye lashes.

Cons of Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10:

• Not much information available in Faces website about this brush.
• Does not come with zip pouch, unlike other Faces brushes.
• Not available online.
• The length of the area holding bristles could be little shorter, in order to prevent the bristles going over eye lids.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase Faces Eyebrow Brush No 10?

Yes, I would highly recommend it to newbies. It is good to begin with before laying hands on MAC or Sigma brushes. I might not repurchase this particular brush because this one brush will go pretty long and after that I might shift to some high end brand for brushes.

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