Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Creme Review

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I am super excited to share with you guys some newly bought lip crèmes. Li crèmes are something that I have not experimented and after trying these, I thought why haven’t I got these kinds before? But as we say, it’s never too late! I am enjoying using this bold and vibrant lip colour and I will totally flaunt these bright and bold shades every day during the festive season! The shade I picked for today is “Fuschia sparkler” as I have a soft corner for pinks. Read to know more about this stunning shade.

Price: Rs 649/-

Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Creme Review

Product Description by Faces:

Faces Ultime Pro Lip Creme is an absolutely super soft, smooth and moisturizing lip gloss that promises one stroke hi shine coverage.

• It is completely opaque, highly pigmented, does not transfer, bleed or feather and stays on for hours at a stretch.

• Inspired by the colors of mesmerizing cocktails,

• Lip Creme gives you the color intensity of the lipstick and luster of a gloss.

• This non-sticky Lip Creme comes with a doe-foot sponge applicator.

• It picks up the right quantity of the product and helps in ach.

Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Creme Review


My Experience with Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Crème:

My lip collection is expanding day by day and this is one thing that I had never tried previously and they are lip crèmes. I used to adore that liquid lipstick feel when I used to read magazines so I had to start somewhere! Hence I picked some new lip crèmes from faces. I picked 4 shades and this is the brightest pink shade out of the lot. Let’s go further in depth about this.



The lip crème comes in a charcoal grey box which has all the details of the shade over it. It has a small sticker at the bottom with the shade name and that makes it easy to identify the shade. What makes it even easier, is the small window available on the packaging. I can easily see the lip gloss and is shade through that window which makes it easy to find one. The lip crème comes in a cylindrical sleek bottle loaded with the lip crème. The bottle is see-through and hence I can easily see the shade of the crème. These are very handy and unbreakable. Most of the lip glosses or crèmes have cylindrical wands; this has a flat wand which is also equally convenient for application.

Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Creme Review

Shade, Texture and Consistency:

The shade “Fuschia sparkler” is a very bright warm pink. It isn’t very close to fuchsia because Fuchsia mostly has a cool tone to it, if I could call this rightly, then I would call it a “Hot pink” shade. It is super duper bright, intensely pigmented and creates a vibrant pop on the lips. The consistency is like a liquid lipstick, thinner at first and then it turns a little thicker as time goes by. It spreads very smoothly on my lips without much effort. It brightens up the face instantly and makes the lip the “Eye candy”. It will compliment each and every skin-tone but yes, it will not be everyone’s cup of tea since it is very bold and bright and not all might feel confident wearing this. But if you have the confidence then this is one beautiful pink that you should try out.

Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Creme Review

It settles in fine lines initially but that won’t be very noticeable since the shade is very bold. It gives a super glossy look which looks very appealing. The lip crème was doing very good, but there is one disappointment with this that cannot be ignored. It bleeds and transfers a lot. It bleeds very badly from the corners of the lips and from my bottom lip. Plus it being a bold colour, it looked really unappealing and I had to prep it every now and then. It looked like I am someone who doesn’t know to apply a lip colour and have applied it anyhow. Other than that, this did an awesome job!


Staying Power:

The time when I did not actually eat anything, it stayed quite put for 7-8 hours and 5-6 hours with a few snacks. With an entire meal, it stays for 5 hours with a bright stain on my lips and the glossiness goes away. But its works the worst with glasses of water because it transfers very badly. I feel like my lips went on the glass 😛 The entire colour sticks to the glass making it look very ugly, so I have to sip the water little by little each time.

Overall, except for the bleeding, I liked these a lot and would enjoy using this during the festive season coming up!


Pros of Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Crème:

• Amazing variety of shades to choose from ranging from corals, pinks, reds and purples.

• Available all around and at an affordable cost.

• The shade is a super stunning and gorgeous bright hot pink which looks totally glamorous.

• The consistency is very smooth and the shade is intensely pigmented.

• It is very similar to the texture of a liquid lipstick but with added dose of glossiness.

• It brightens up the skin tone and will compliment every skin-tone as this is a universal pink.

• It stays for 7-8 hours without any food, 5-6 hours followed by a stain with light munching and for 5 hours if you have a full meal; after 5 hours the glossiness goes away but the stain looks beautiful.

• It totally makes my lips the centre of attraction.


Cons of Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Crème:

• It bleeds a lot from the corners of my lips and bottom lip which looks very ugly and unappealing.

• It transfers badly to the glasses.

• It will highlight the chapped portions once it becomes a stain.


Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Creme Review

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Faces Fuschia Sparkler Ultime Pro Lip Crème?

I am totally confused! The shade is one of the best gorgeous pinks that I have tried but that bleeding part makes my decision a bit dicey. As of now I am not getting this, but I may in future. Try this at the counter on your lips and if you like the effect than go ahead.


I would love to experiment more with lip crèmes as they are an awesome creation!

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