Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick – Is it the perfect nude for your lips?

Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick – Is it the perfect nude for your lips?

Hi all my beautiful IMBB pals!!

You know I love winters, more than that, I love roaming around with friends in the comfortable sunlight. But no, this silly, stupid cold had to hold me down in the very beginning of the season. It has been a week, and it’s subsiding bit by bit. I have a typical kind of cold actually. It happens once a year, or twice, and holds me down for 10 days at least. Phew! Some kind of infection I have got. Anyway, after the updates about my health (more of a frustrating rant, actually 😛 ), let us come to today’s product – Faces Go Chic Lipstick in the shade Good Earth. I was just surfing through certain n*de lipstick reviews (Those who know me know that I am a sucker for all kinds and shades of n*de lip colors). So, let’s begin:

Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick


This is my first Faces lipstick, by the way. I have already read so many rave reviews about the brand’s lip colors that I had to try at least one.  It comes at a price Rs. 250/- for a bullet of 4.5 gm – very affordable.

Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick

Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Good Earth, comes in a rectangular black outer packaging. The lipstick tube itself too is black in color. It’s nothing too flashy, and very plain. I would have preferred a little color, or at least a little bit of gold or silver classy packaging. But then, you cannot complain at this price, and as long as the product lives up to your expectations, this is a trivial matter.  The lipstick tube shuts firmly, and there is no risk of accidental opening inside your purse or pouch. So, it is travel friendly.

Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick

My Experience with Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick:

Shade: The shade comes out earthy in the bullet, and even in the hand swatch. Unfortunately for me, it washes me out. Had I been a tad two shades fair, it would have been a perfect n*de. Even now, if I properly prep my skin and put on the makeup, with dark and kohled eyes, the shade looks good, but not the one I would wear on a daily basis. However, it is an excellent base for other shades. I usually apply my n*de shade glosses over it, and it brings out the true color of those. Plus, my glosses come out more uniform, and stay on for a longer period.

Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick

Coverage: It gives an opaque coverage in just two swipes. Another thing that I have noticed is that it gives a fuller appearance to your lips, which I have not seen in the lipsticks that I have used till date.

Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick

Texture: The texture of the lipstick is very creamy. Though I would recommend exfoliation and moisturization of lips, prior to application, but, well, I say that for almost all the lipsticks and glosses, as I believe that it gives a better appearance to our lips. The texture is very creamy and it sits comfortably on your lips.

Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick

Longevity: It stays on and on and on, and even survives meals, with minimal fading. I was surprised to see such a performance from a budget lipsticks.  The darker shades would be even better, I am sure of that. No wonder this is such a loved range.  It can be easily removed by using baby oil or your lip makeup remover.

Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick

Summing up:

Pros of Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick:

  • Very affordable at a price of Rs. 250/-
  • Gives opaque coverage.
  • Gives a fuller appearance to lips.
  • Very comfortable and creamy on lips.
  • Stays on till removed by baby oil or makeup remover.
  • Works excellently as a base for clear or subtle glosses in various shades.
  • If used as a base, increases the staying power of the gloss applied over it.
  • Easily available online and offline.

Cons of Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick:

  • For me, the shade. It is too “beige”ish for my warm skin tone. It will suit all the fair skin tones.

IMBB Rating and Recommendation:

I rate Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Good Earth, as follows:

As a lipstick – 5/5 for those on whom the shade would be a perfect fit.
As a base – 5/5

For me, it is 3.5/5, because the shade was too light for my warm, fair to medium skin tone. Otherwise, the range is an excellent one, if you choose the right shade. Also, if you want a base which can make your subtle shades pop out, this shade is an excellent choice.

Phew! You know, this particular shade was a bit tricky for me to review, for obvious reasons. But now that I have done it, I really hope that I have been able to explain it to those who are willing to purchase it. Till the next time, Ciao pals!!

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16 thoughts on “Faces Go Chic Good Earth Lipstick – Is it the perfect nude for your lips?

    1. Exaaaactly Neha 🙂 This range has everything which a lipstick lover can dream of 😀 I am definitely checking other shades out 😀

  1. Maybe you could mix this up with a pink shade so it wouldn’t wash you out 🙂 I have a number of lipsticks in exactly this shade, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop buying them! Hehee 😀

    1. That is exactly what I do Umaimah 😀 I use this as a base, and apply coral, pink and n*de brown glosses over it, and voila!! Not only does the color pop up, buut also it stays for a longer time 😀 😀

    1. Thaaaanks Bakul 😀 Check other shades out, because this range surely beats many high range lippies, in performance 😀 😀

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