Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Cooper Red Review

Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Cooper Red Review

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This is another product I bought for my friend’s wedding. Since I had spent a fortune on shoes, I was left with little money for makeup products. I, once again, ended up buying budget products. Thanks to IMBB reviews, I was able to zero down to Faces Go Chic Poppy Red, but I found this shade suited me better. So, without further ado, I bought it and here’s how it fared.


Name of the Product:

Faces Go Chic Lipstick in Cooper Red 415.


Rs. 199 for 4.5 gm.

Product Description:

Get ready for rich, long-lasting color in just one swipe. Easy to apply lipstick gives uniform lip color coverage.


Phenyl trimethicone, Octyl palmitate, Capric/Caprylic triglyceride, White soft paraffin, Shea butter, Hydrogenated polysobutene, Ozokerite wax, Performalene PL polymer, Candelilla wax, Carnabua wax, BHA, Propyl paraben, Castor oil, Mica, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Methoxy cinnamate, Benzohenone 3, Vit-E acetate, perfumes, color.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick- Cooper Red 2

My Experience with Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Cooper Red:

The lipstick comes in a black cylindrical case with a silver strip bearing its name. The tip displays the logo and the rear, its shade and other relevant details. The cap shuts with a distinct click and although it keeps rotating when the case is shut, there are little chances the cap will come off until pulled open.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick- Cooper Red 3

The lipstick is a rich red shade, tending to maroon. There are silver glitter particles ingrained in the lipstick that do not look like Christmas festoons, yet, imparts to it a festive look. I heavily relied on my makeup to lend me the party look for my friend’s wedding as I had chosen a simple saree in chiffon, and it did that with panache! Add to it, a decent lasting time of three to four hours, and you are relieved of excusing yourself for lavatory visits for touch ups at a party, should you avoid food or water. On the downside, it is going to lie unattended until I receive another party invitation.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick- Cooper Red 4

Faces Go Chic Lipstick- Cooper Red 5

It is attributed with a smooth creamy texture that glides effortlessly on lips. A swipe is sufficient for the vivid red to show on your pouts, but two more give the most intense pigmentation and you are ready for the party. The pigmentation itself is vibrant and strong. It is a moisturizing formula, although, skeptical that I am, I never wear a lipstick without smearing lip balm. It is extremely transferable, starting to wane at the touch of food or water. When it wears off, it leaves behind an even wash of silver particles.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick- Cooper Red 6

Its fragrance reminds me of juicy bubble gums, mildly sweet. It doesn’t stay much longer after you have applied the lip color.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick- Cooper Red 9

Faces Go Chic Lipstick- Cooper Red 10

I think women throughout the complexion spectrum should be able to carry it with aplomb.  Overall, it is a richly pigmented, moisturizing and creamy lipstick, but this particular shade limits its wearability to festive occasions.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick- Cooper Red 11

Pros of Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Cooper Red:

  • Affordable.
  • Creamy.
  • Super pigmented.
  • Staying power is good.
  • Agreeable bubble-gum like fragrance.
  • Bag-proof packaging.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick- Cooper Red Swatch

Red lips

Red lipstick

Cons of Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Cooper Red:

  • Contains paraben.
  • Is not transfer resistant.
  • Contains silver glitters albeit very subtle.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Faces Go Chic Lipstick – Cooper Red?

I like the color, but I think one would be sufficient since I wouldn’t wear it often. I won’t buy this particular shade again, I would like to own different colors from the same range.

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    1. Thanks Preeti! Even I have grown to like bright colours in the past couple of years. I used to be so wary of them. *happydance* *happy dance*

    1. Thank a lot Rati! I sometimes wonder how the companies come up with lipstick shades’ name. I came across a article that proclaims there exist(ed) such names as Stubborn Bloodstain and Naughty Grandma Red. 😀 At least this name is better albeit confusing.

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