Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15 Review

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Today’s review is going to be on the Faces ‘Hydro Face Moisturizer’. Read to know about its hydrating properties.

Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15 Review6

499 INR for 100 ml

Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15 Review1

Shelf Life:
3 years. Best before 12 Months from the time of usage.

Product Description:
Hydro Face Moisturizer is specially designed to increase skin hydration, treat dry and sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections. It is enriched with SPF 15 and natural ingredients such as soybean extracts, shea butter & patchouli oil. Its anti-aging ingredients activates skin elasticity and makes skin smooth & soft.

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Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15 Review2

My Experience with Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15:

It comes in a regular white plastic cylindrical bottle and the packaging carries an orange label to it. The outer box is fully orange and apart from the name the only way to quickly spot this one amongst the rest is heading for an orange. Other than that, it is sturdy, definitely not purse friendly but can be carried around when you travel if it an absolute necessity. The nozzle works just fine and dispenses right amount of product. The same applies to the transparent white cap, with effort you can hear it click; even otherwise it is not bound to spill. The best thing about the packaging that is very useful is the clear label, on the outer package, the box and the tube.

Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15 Review

The texture although a little dense when dispensed on the hand, is light on the skin. This gel-like cream gets absorbed instantly. The white cream has a creamy consistency but is more gel-like and stays in place if you know what I mean.

Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15 Review3

Very light on the skin, gets absorbed instantly and can be made to suit all skin types. More amount of product would be required for a dry skin type. The drier your skin, more is the product requirement, as simple as that. It really hydrates the skin without causing any discomfort; by that I mean being non-greasy. I am not certain about sweat proof as I am yet to try in on the hot days. It definitely leaves your skin supple and soft, and with some room to breathe. The beauty of this cream – it does not feel layered up on the skin even though you have applied it. In my opinion, the natural ingredients might have contributed to such a great effective formula.

Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15 Review4

Here is an interesting insight of the natural active ingredients, properties and their overall contribution to the product performance. Soybean extracts would contribute to reduce effects of exposure to UV rays and since it also impacts on skin’s elasticity and thickness, the moisturizer claims to have anti-ageing properties. Patchouli oils also partially can be attributed to similar anti-ageing properties due to its impact on the circulation of muscles, and therefore preventing skin sagging. Since it is very gentle on the skin, it also supports the moisturizer to suit all skin types while keeping other skin problems at bay. Shea butter is not just gentle on the skin, it can keep the skin away from some pigmentation and help with wrinkles.

Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15 Review5

The overall ingredients put together are not very pleasant smelling. It carries a thin detergent-like herbal aroma to it. Bearable but who does not like a pleasant smelling product when it is almost ‘close to perfect’. That can only be the downside to this one mostly.

Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15 Review7

This moisturizer from ‘Faces’ would have been my first option had it carried a different fragrance. Otherwise I do not this regret this purchase from Faces. Once you are used to it, if your skin is, you would carry it with you even when you travel, and such is the performance.

Pros of Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15:

• Packaging – simple and sturdy
• Clear label specification on the box and tube
• Definitely healthy for a light skin routine and easy to maintain
• Texture – non greasy and light on the skin
• Ideal and can be made to suit all skin types by using right amount of the product
• Gets absorbed instantly and does not prove to be oily on the skin
• Has SPF 15
• Contains natural ingredients – soybean extracts, shea butter and patchouli
• Travel friendly
• Can be used every day if you feel you are experiencing excessive dryness, even if you possess a normal skin type
• Suitable even for the most sensitive skin type
• Free of parabens and sulphates
• Not tested on animals; no animal ingredients used

Cons of Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15:

• The fragrance is not very pleasant
• Requires a lot of product quantity

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Faces Hydro Face Moisturizer SPF 15?
No, I would not. I would look for a similar formula that is better smelling. If you are searching for light weight face moisturizer that would suit any season, opt for this.

A lightweight face moisturizer that is total value for money and a hydro savior even for sensitive skin types!

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