Faces Hydro Toner Review

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As promised here is the review on the Faces Hydro toner. I can never have enough of toners, so spot a new one, pick it up!

Price – Rs 399/- for 100ml

Faces Hydro Toner

Product Description:

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Make your skin feel refreshed, clean and soft.
• Delicate on skin.
• Rich in antioxidants.
• Restores pH balance.
• For all skin types.

This gentle and soothing toner hydrates the skin keeping it perfectly clean & soft. It tones the skin and refines pores for a clearer complexion.

Leaves your skin smooth, supple and hydrated after each use.

Faces Hydro Toner nozzle

My Experience with Faces Hydro Toner:

The packaging is simple, mostly like the cleanser from the same range. Only this one has blue detailing, the cleanser had red. All details about the product are mentioned on the outer paper carton and on the bottle as well. The plastic bottle is simple yet sturdy. The amount of product left can be seen which is good for tracking. The dispensing spray is very nice quality as it can be used lightly for a refreshing spritz.

Faces Hydro Toner details

The texture is very light and water-like. It does not feel sticky or dry on application. I mostly use it with a cotton pad and the skin is left clean and supple after each application. The good thing about this is, it does not strip off moisture from the skin and you do not have to run for the moisturizer. Though you cannot skip the moisturizer, you can take your time to apply it.

There is a typical cosmetic smell to the product which is slightly strong to begin with. After a while it fades but still stays. I am not very fond of this smell but it becomes bearable after a while so okay with that till I finish up the bottle.

Faces Hydro Toner ingredients

Regarding the effectiveness, I would say it definitely refreshes the skin, but is not something that would magically transform your skin. This toner is a simple one for everyday use and can be use as a refreshing spray as well. I would not rate it as holy grail but you can try this once for sure.

Faces Hydro Toner product description

Pros of Faces Hydro Toner:

• Simple packaging.
• Affordable.
• Good for everyday use.
• No break-out.
• Non sticky.
• Available.
• Cruelty free.
• No parabens.

Faces Hydro Toner swatch

Cons of Faces Hydro Toner:

• Strong cosmetic smell.
• No dramatic results.

IMBB Rating – 3.5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Faces Hydro Toner?

Repurchase – no, I do not like the smell, otherwise the product is okay.
Recommend – if you want something for regular use, go for it; do not expect miracles from it.

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