Faces Liquid Eyeliner Black Review

Faces Liquid Eyeliner Black

Liquid formulation used to enhance, shape and draw attention to the eye. Does not run or smudge easily. Choose from a brush or felt tip based on your personal preference in application.




INR 299

I have been wearing eye liners for ten years now.I always wing my liner out disrespectful of my eye shape.I have more longish eyes I know and thicker liner makes my eyes look bigger.Without liner, I look ill and I cannot step out of the eyes without some eye liner.Kohl is only for some days for me.SO I find a nice liner, I seize it, because they will always be used.They do finish and dry out and there is always room for more liners. BLack liners are my favorite.I am reviewing a new black liner I got recently and was surprised to see only plum shade is covered in this range.


My experience with Faces Liquid Eyeliner Black

The eye comes in a shiny black pack and a regular screw cap with a sturdy thin brush.The brush is in fact very very thin for my taste and I need to lines on my eyes literally and join it for a thick line on my eyes to make them look bigger.The liner is very black, not a harsh black but a nice soft black.The finish of the liner is a semi glossy one.The texture is quite smooth and one thing I like is that the liner almost is like a diluted gel liner in some way.It does not run or feel liquid, in fact it is quite forgiving too.The liner may feel streaky if you pick less product, but you can rectify mistakes.It is more forgiving than a gel liner. The liner is a very nice choice for office since it is not stark.I also like the fact that the thin line can be used to reach very close to the lash line on days I have some smudged eye shadow on my lid and would like a thin line.If you are someone who like very thin soft semi glossy liner, this is for you as the brush if very thin.Also, if you are new to liners, the brush is synthetic and not felt tip,somehow I think the brush is nice and thin for newcomers to liner.
The liner stays on me 5+hours and survives a splash of water slightly.If you rub it, needless to say it will go off,it is not as smudge proof as gel liner but still it does not peel flake or rub off soon.You can count on the liner for 4 hours at least.It is not a very high performing liner but still better than regular liquid liners since it is thicker than liquid liners like Lakme insta liner and thin and thick lines can be achieved.

Pros of Faces Liquid Eyeliner Black

Thin brush for forgiving application
Semi glossy finish
Nice soft black, not too stark or light
Nice for office and teenagers
Affordable at 299
Nice packaging, screws back and can be carried along easily
Easily available
Slightly smudge resistant
Does not run, flake, smudge or peel so easily
Has this gel feel to it somehow, as it is not so runny


Cons of Faces Liquid Eyeliner Black

Too thin a brush for me.
Cannot be called very long lasting or smudge proof.
I feel you get too less and no idea how to determine how much is left.
Could be longer lasting than what it is now- above average.
Could streak, so pick up more on that thin brush.

Would I repurchase or recommend Faces Liquid Eyeliner Black?

I think I would repurchase it for the soft semi glossy look or if I want a liner with a thin brush, yes I will get this again.I recommend this to teenagers, new comers to liner and to girls who like to wear thin liquid liners.

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  1. Seems like you also did faces haul during the 60 % off 😀 I wanted it but it got OOS but I tried finding it their counters and their new price is 399 *shock* direct double, I guess this might be the old stock…

  2. Ur EOTD is *jalwa* *jai ho* I think I will go with Coloressence next..this one’s not so appealing *nonono*

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