Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil – Copper Rose

Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil – Copper Rose

Hello All!!

How you doing guys?? I have been a little unwell lately …  But that didn’t stop me from shopping in this sale season: P! And I must say the retail therapy helped me recover very fast 😉 One of things which we all hate after being ill is the way our eyes look.. Dull and tired , Don’t we ? Today I am going to review an eye pencil which helped me with this problem of dull eyes. So, without further delay, I will introduce you all to another Faces long wear eye pencil, in Copper Rose.



I started using faces Long wear eye pencil after reading reviews on IMBB. I was not really much into eye makeup.. .. Now don’t judge me!! Not that I don’t love cat eyes and pretty eye shadows, I just never have explored this arena much: P. Till now I was more of a put on kohl and done with eye makeup kind of a girl: D

Now, Thanks to IMBB DIY’s, I am trying to learn how to put eye makeup and different eye shadows.
Now coming back to the review, I got this eye pencil when I was looking for a brown eye pencil and ended up buying this eye pencil, lured by the fantastic pigmentation and color of one single swipe! You can see in swatch image, just one swipe gives opaque pigmentation.


One of the best things about Faces long wear eye pencil is the packaging. It comes in a sleek, black colored pencil type of packaging and the cap and the bottom of the pencil is of the same color as that of the shade of the pencil. As you can see in the pictures, this is quite a convenient thing to carry around in your purse and can be sharpened with a sharpener. Also, the manufacturing date is mentioned on the pencil itself, so it is easy to spot how much of the shelf life is left, or if the product is expired.


Since the tip of the pencil is quite smooth, sharpening leads to product wastage at times.

My experience with Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil – Copper Rose

Faces long wear eye pencils have been my favorites for quite some time now. This one I picked up for its copperish brown color and pigmentation. It was like one of those buys when you just end up shopping for products you know wont used much but you get a high from it 😉  So, when I got home and tried this shade, I realized it was not something I could wear to my office. I felt it is too bright for daily wear and is totally a night out shade that too when paired up with a proper eye shadow.

Now about the texture of this eye pencil, it is very smooth and it glides like a dream! It is very easy to put on and …. It doesn’t comes off very easily too! Yippiee !:D



We all know that the best thing about a kohl/eye pencil is staying power… If that is not there, it can’t ever make it to our HG list! Well this one is a winner!  It stays on the eyelids for almost 8 hours… and it doesn’t smudge a bit!! If you put this and immediately touch your eyelids.. You will definitely have koala… err kangaroo eyes. It takes some time to settle and after that it is set for the day! Though not waterproof, it doesn’t just wash away if you splash water on your eyes after applying this.

When applied on the waterline like I said before, it does give that instant brightening effect provided there are no/ very less/ concealable dark circles. Let me quickly sum up the goods and not so good things about this eye pencil.


Yays of Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil – Copper Rose

• Good pigmentation.
• Glides smoothly, no tugging required.
• It its smudge proof and water proof (almost) once set.
• Can be easily identified in the bunch of makeup pencils.
• Doesn’t cause irritation, perfect for sensitive eyes.
• Brightens up the eyes when applied on the waterline.
• Huge range of shades to pick from.
• It doesn’t have glitter particles, shimmer is very fine.
• Easily available online and in stores.


Nays for Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil – Copper Rose

• Not a shade suitable for daily wear.
• Faces Cosmetics increased the price to 349!

IMBB rating:


Will I repurchase Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil – Copper Rose?

Not this shade! Simply because it’s not something I would wear daily! It does give the brightening effect when applied on the waterline. So, it is an excellent option as an add-on to other shades. To beauties who love to wear electric shades this is a very attractive color to try and totally value for money. As for faces long wear eye pencils, I do love the shade range and I think will still buy the other shades.

This is all for now ladies! Hope this review was helpful… See you all soon and Tc! Stay beautiful!

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6 thoughts on “Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil – Copper Rose

  1. Nice Review *clap* …but this color will not show up on my lids..yes they have increased the prices..i wanted to buy this in turquoise blue but then i bought the same shade in lakme eyeconic for 250 *happydance* i completely agree with u on the retail therapy point..helps me too…shop till u drop *hihi* *hihi* *hifive* *happy dance*

  2. *thankyou* Gowthami 🙂
    Yup …. without proper eyeshadow it is not a really wearabale shade ! It isnt very bright in swatches but the shimmers are really prominent when applied ! 🙂
    Retail therapy works na ! *oye balle* I am waiting for the weekend now.. *happydance*

  3. I really like faces eye pencils. But i find it very difficult to sharpen them and get a nice tip even with the faces eye pencil sharpener. :/ Beautiful shade though.

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