Faces Luxe Eyelash Curler Review

Faces Luxe Eyelash Curler

We all love curly fluttery lashes. I did not use eyelash curlers much until a year back, when I first used it and loved the effect. Today I am reviewing Faces Luxe eyelash curler, they also have a regular one. There are many reasons I bought this one, first as a brand I love faces, I have tried so many of their accessories and cosmetics and have never been disappointed and second because of the beautiful black and purple combination, I just love anything with purple.


I always prefer clamp eyelash curlers over the mechanical ones, as they give a better pinch and curl to lashes. If you are someone who has yet not tried an eyelash curler because of any fear, then it’s high time you do as you will love the effect. And if used it right way then there is no problem at all. I have used many eyelash curlers from Vega, elf, etc till date on an urge to find the perfect one, and I finally found it.

Faces says:

• Creates beautifully upswept lashes easily and expertly.
• Finest quality stainless steel.
• Contoured design fits close to the lash line for maximum curl.
• Includes two long lasting curl pads.

Specially designed to prevent your lashes from sticking, with an extra wide opening allowing for no side pinch operation. The comfortable finger grips make this Curler easy to use.

Price: Rs 225


My experience with Faces Luxe Eyelash Curler:

It comes in a transparent packaging which can also be used for storing it. The eyelash curler itself is black colored, with a purple grip on the handles and pad. Also it comes with 2 extra pads, which is great for hygiene purpose. I just love the black and purple combination. I do not apply mascara daily, as removing it is a pain, but I do curl my lashes before stepping out and it makes a world of difference for me and literally opens up my eyes. But till date using an eyelash curler was always a chore as none of them fit my eye shape properly and I end up using them in different directions in order to curl all my lashes. As most of the times the center of the lashes gets curled easily but the corner ones are not yet curled. But this one has made the work so easy for me that I can blindly curl my lashes with it. Mostly all we Indian have Asian eyes that are curved, and this one fits the bill perfectly.


In the picture I have shown it along with Vega eyelash curler and it can be seen that there is much difference in the curve. This one is more curved and curls all my lashes even the smaller ones at the end in a single go.

The pad provided with it is very comfortable and does not hurt lashes at all. To get the best curl I press it for around 20 seconds first and then press it 2- 3 times. In all this is the best eyelash curler I have used so far.


Pros of Faces Luxe Eyelash Curler:

• Perfect for India almond eyes which are more curved
• Comes with replaceable pads
• Soft rubber pads
• Curls all lashes in a single go
• Colorful body
• Good grip
• Reasonably priced
• Easily available


Cons of Faces Luxe Eyelash Curler:

• Non for me

Do I Recommend Faces Luxe Eyelash Curler?

If you have tried many eyelash curlers but are not satisfied with the result, then go for it.

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5

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  1. Thanks for this review.. I wanted to buy one since so many days and ordered this online today based on this review.. i hope I will like it 🙂 *happy dance* *happy dance*

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