Faces Mineral Blush in Diamond Shine Review, Swatch

Faces Canada Mineral Blush Diamond Shine 03 Review,  Swatches:

I have been really exploring this brand as you all can see and I really have mixed opinion so far, from falling head over heels for some lipsticks like pink wine to buying some disastrous cheap lipsticks called rouge lipsticks lately(yet to review). For those who need a background on the brand and the things I have liked so far, please read my reviews in the faces page on imbb.

Faces BLush Diamond Shine

Price :Rs 399 for 6 grams

This is my first mineral purchase from the brand, I also got another lipstick and a blush from the mineral range which im yet to use and review. There is one thing that faces has to improve on is making its packaging a little classier, I don’t say its bad now but it needs to be more polished. I am soon going to review something very cheaply packaged from this brand that will leave you aghast :yuck: but as far as this one is concerned it’s a crisp matte black packaging with a full round mirror inside which is of real use to me but the brush again is of no use,very much like lakme’s blush brushes. The mirror is bigger than any compact mirrors and its so clear that you can apply your full makeup using that :preen:

Faces BLush Diamond Shine

The blush I feel is a nice and smooth one, pigmented as well. But since I have used similar blushes and even similar shades, I know that the pigmentation could have been better. What I find is that the pigmentation shows up when dabbed but not when blended, it really blends into nothingness, hence I would term it a day blush even though it is not matte.

The shade is a copper one, very mild copper. Im clueless why it is named diamond shine 😐 the shade is metallic/ pearl in finish but once blended it shows up very lightly. I would say it works more like a bronzer for me and adds a lot of color to my skin. I would use this to contour as well and use it when I don’t want any pink added to my face and want a very mild sheen on the cheeks for day wear.

Diamond Shine Faces Minerals Blush

The staying power is not impressive though having said that it blends into a very light tint for the cheeks. It doesn’t last for say 3 hours, you really need a base for it and may be pack it up with powder too for it to last well.

Lakme vs Faces Blush

Lakme vs Faces Blush

Like you can see the lakme blush in ginger surprise is so much more pigmented and is very much on the same lines. So if you really want a similar shade, check lakme as well.lakme is smoother as well

Last word:
I don’t think  I am in love with this one. The texture is smooth and soft but blends very lightly and vanishes, the shade could have been more pigmented definitely. but this is what makes it a nice day wear blush, a good bronzer as well. May be it was meant to be a light blush on second thoughts.You may want to see the shade on the counter

Rating: 3 on 5

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17 thoughts on “Faces Mineral Blush in Diamond Shine Review, Swatch

  1. Oh haan Lakme one looks kaafi same Neha :victory2: :victory2:
    I wud always buy only faces ki eye pencils nothing else…. :victory2: :victory2: oh haan lipstick bhi shayad, abhi i dont have ek bhi 😐

  2. Neha I have the amber rose version of it. it is quite nice and smooth but it is not something I looovee… But it’s nice…. I hope am not confusing you. 😛 😛

    1. arey :snicker: i got amber rose too with this one
      and exactly my thots on it
      its nice n smooth but i dont love it
      both of these diamond shine and amber rose

  3. nice shade neha.. i think it blends really well with the indian skin tone so u say it doesn’t show up tht well :specs: 😉 … nevertheless.. its a pretty shade :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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