Faces Paddle Brush Review

Faces Paddle Brush

Hi all.

I’m back with another review.

After having a fantastic experience with the oval cushioned brush, I went ahead and bought the paddle brush aswell. This is the first time I’m trying my hands on a paddle brush so I can’t compare it to other brushes.

Faces Paddle Brush


INR 269 for 1 unit. However it now retails at INR 315. (also this particular brush is available in 3 color combinations: Black-White, Red-White and Blue-White)

My experience with Faces Paddle Brush:

When I first saw this brush I was bowled by its size. I know paddle brushes are big but this was so huge!!! The black and white packaging looks very classy and the back of the brush is nice and glossy making it look very classy. It has got a long handle which enables a better grip while brushing the hair.
This brush does not frizz out my hair at all. My hair becomes all smooth after brushing with this brush. Not only that, it also makes my hair a little straight, so it’s a clear winner for me.

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Faces Paddle Brush (7)

Faces Paddle Brush (6)

My hair is detangled so super fast, and the balls at the end of the bristles do not come out at all, despite washing the brush n number of times. I am mightily impressed with this brush.
But again while washing water seeps in the body of the brush and it’s so difficult to get all the water out.

Faces Paddle Brush (4)

Pros of Faces Paddle Brush:

• Affordable.
• Makes hair smooth.
• Detangles hair very fast.
• Makes hair straighter.
• Classy packaging.
• Comes in 3 color combinations.
• Brilliant quality.
• The balls on the bristles do not come off.

Faces Paddle Brush (5)

Cons on Faces Paddle Brush:

The tiny gap at the side of the brush makes water seep into the body of the brush while cleaning.

IMBB Rating:


Run, run, run and get this brush!!! This is the best brush I have ever used! I love it so much that I even have a backup of this!!

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  1. Oh….I want this…..I haven’t used a paddle brush yet nor knew about its function, now I know Roshini…thanks 🙂

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