Faces Sea Sponge Review

Faces Sea Sponge

Hi Girls, today’s pick is a exfoliating sponge from Faces that is very soft sponge, ultimate exfoliator and super gentle on skin.

Faces claims: Gently massages and exfoliated dead skin cells leaving skin refresh and healthy. Comes with a rope for easy hanging.

Faces Sea Sponge

Price: Rs 169 per piece

Faces Sea Sponge

My experience with Faces Sea Sponge:

I am always on a constant look out for different kinds of bathing accessories. Faces sea sponge just happened to me and I am very glad it happened. Earlier I was using an exfoliating shower sponge from Bath and Body works but then I had to find an alternative for it as it is not available in India. I must say Faces sea sponge is doing a pretty decent job of cleaning and removing all the dirt, grit and dead skin for me. It even works wonderfully well for stubborn areas like knees and ankles. Faces sea sponge even takes care of my heels. You just have to put a little bit of shower gel or cream whatever you prefer on wet sponge and it lather well. Now you can easily rub the sponge on your body and get sparkling clean, soft skin. It does not hurt at all and is not rough to use. It can be easily used for soft skin of kids also. After using it I wash it and hang it on a hook for it to dry on its own. This is important as wet sponge can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Once in a while I dry it in sun also; just to make sure it is completely clean even from within.
Faces Sea Sponge (2)

Yays for Faces Sea Sponge:

• Does an extremely good job of exfoliating my skin.
• Very soft and can be used daily.
• Good for stubborn areas also.
• Lathers very well.
• Removes dead skin efficiently.
• Can be used for kids also.
• Comes with a string, for convenience to hang.
• No need for never ending scrubbing.
• Easily available.
• Very affordable.
Faces Sea Sponge (5)

Nays for Faces Sea Sponge:

• Would work well with shower cream/ gel. Might not lather well with soaps.
• Need to be dried and cleaned regularly for hygiene reasons.
• Should be changed after 4-6 weeks of usage.
Faces Sea Sponge (3)

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I repurchase Faces Sea Sponge?

Yes, I would like to buy it again and also try other variants.

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11 thoughts on “Faces Sea Sponge Review

  1. These types of sponge works perfectly with sea salt shower gel as it helps
    in removing tanning, i have one ..
    Nice review Shilpi *clap* *clap*

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