Faces Sparkle Dust Gold Review


About Faces sparkle dust:

FAces Sparkle dust gold review

  •  Loose color pigment
  •  This highly concentrated, shimmery, pigment loose color pigment is finely milled powder made from mica.
  •  Use it alone to dress up your eye or mix with eye primer to achieve a dramatic pop of color that will make heads turn. The versatility of the product allows it to be used alone as highlighter or mixed with your favorite nail polish to create.

Price: Rs 299

Quantity: 3.5 g

My experience with this product:

faces sparkle dust gold

I was in search for a gold eye shadow since very long. After having an awesome experience with Faces sparkle dust in blue color, I decided to order it in gold also. I had no idea about the color when I ordered except its name, but when I got it; I was completely satisfied with the color.

This gold pigment can be used as a highlighter and as an all lid color. It is shimmery but not very glittery. It is a perfect color to wear with traditional dresses in combination with any other bright color. I have tried it with browns, blues, greens and black.

faces sparkle dust gold photo

This eye shadow like the blue one is very pigmented. I find its texture to be super soft. It blends like a dream alone as well as with other colors. There is absolutely no fall out while applying it. The shimmer is not at all gritty and doesn’t spread on entire face if it is used neatly, which unfortunately happens very rarely with me. The staying power of this eye shadow is about 3 hours without any base or primer. It can be definitely increased by using a good base.

The pigment comes in a transparent tub with black lid. The packaging is cute, but I would not advise it to throw it in handbags because of the chances of leakage.


faces sparkle gold swatch
Right: without flash
Left- with flash


I have used it with L’Oreal infallible endless chocolate eye shadow.

• It is perfect gold because it is not too glittery. It can be easily worn at day times when used with another color
• Can be used as highlighter too
• Super smooth texture
• Shimmer is not at all gritty
• Blends easily with other colors
• No fall out while applying
• Easily available
• Decently priced
• Lovely packaging
• Can be easily removed with a cleanser.

• There might be some wastage because of spillage.
• Not travel friendly

Imbb rating:

Will I repurchase/ do I recommend?
Absolutely. I am definitely going to get more colors in this range.


24 thoughts on “Faces Sparkle Dust Gold Review

  1. Nice review! It looks so nice. But i have never worked with pigments before. How do you use them exactly. Doesnt it look OTT?

    1. Thanks swati 🙂 i just applied it like a normal eyeshadow with a flat brush, but used a base underneath because pigments can fall out. then i blended the corners 🙂

    1. Thanks alot rati di 🙂
      Yes di, its a perfect gold. love it 🙂 can be used at day times and parties and as a lid color and highlighter 🙂

  2. hi Surbhi…this looks gorgeous.. 🙂
    after seeing this review and swatch, i wanna get it for my bridal look. will it be good? as in, u can understand, its abt ‘D’ evening and i cant afford to get something which would turn out messy or with low lasting power. i have a wheatish fair complexion and my lipcolor would b in purple as my benarasi is also n dark purple and golden zari. i guess golden eyeshadow would go nicely….would u recoomend this one for the purpse????

    1. Hi Somreeta..Waise to i am in love with this pigment. but for a day like marriage, don’t you think you should use eyeshadows from inglot or mac? i would prefer gold eyeshadow from inglot for my marriage instead of pigment. because this stays for 3 hours without base and inglot pearl eyeshadows for 6-7 hours without base with absolutely no fall out. Waise to its an excellent pigment and would go well with your dress but you can get better. if you don’t get better, then you can get this. 🙂

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