Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick Review

Hello sweethearts,

How are you guys doing? Some of you might be super busy with Ganpati decoration and the rest might be excited to visit everyone’s houses! I have really been into the Faces Glam On range recently and this is probably the last shade from the lot that I have to review. I haven’t been really into mauves and purple lip colours because it doesn’t look appealing to me. But, I picked this up for my mom as she likes purples and berry shades. Let’s see how this one fared on me.

Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick

Rs 549 for 3.5 g

Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick 2

Product Description:
Luxurious rich color with one stroke application. Satiny finish that lasts for hours. Ultra soft texture with softening and moisturising benefits. Paraben free and dermatologically tested.

Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick 3

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My Experience Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick:

Faces Glam On range is very innovative as far as packaging is concerned. Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick looks extremely classy in transparent square packaging with black and gold inside. It is very handy and super convenient to use.

Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick 4

I picked a lot of shades from this range and noticed that most of the shades are intensely pigmented and the colours are mostly on the bolder side. The shades range from corals to pinks, which the younger generation can wear. It also consists of mature shades like browns and purples. Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick belongs to the latter category.

Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick 5

It is a vibrant and bold mauvy purple shade, which can be called as the perfect berry. It has an amazing blend of pink and purple with blue undertones that gives rise to this pretty berry shade. While I don’t like purples wouldn’t add it to my stash, but my mom really likes it. This is one of those mature shades that women above 25 will totally like. According to me, this shade particularly won’t suit the younger generation.

What I liked about this shade is that the colour is very much buildable. Just one swipe and it gives a pinkish pop to the lips and 3-4 swipes would give you an intense berry colour. You can totally use it according to your liking. The shade is amazingly pigmented and gives a boost of colour on the lips. Due to its pigmentation, it has the power to cover pigmented lips.

Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick 6

This lipstick particularly has to be paired up with very light makeup, as the shade itself is bold and should be the center of attraction on your face. This shade is wearable in daytime with light makeup and even in night time with smokey eyes but be careful with the blush. I don’t think pink and coral blushes will go with this one, try a bronzer!

It will suit the Indian skin tone perfectly and most of the shades from this range would compliment our skin tone. I feel this shade makes me look more mature than usual. The texture is buttery soft and glides on super easily on the lips. Just one swipe and there is a fuchsia pink colour on your lips.

Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick 7

Due to the intense pigmentation, it settles a little into fine lines and that can be noted, when you remove the lip colour with the makeup remover. The colour looked glossy at first but then settled into a matte finish with a little glossy sheen.

It stays as it is for 6 hours, which is great according to the price, if you don’t have any meals. In case, you are planning to have a full fledged meal, then prep your lips after you are done because the dark colour would be all around your mouth.

Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick 8

The lighter shades from this range stay a little less. So, if you plan to get any from this range, go for the bolder ones as they will stay a lot more. It also survives light meals but the intensity of the colour reduces. All the shades of this range transfers a lot on glasses and tissues. It might also bleed a little from the corners of the lips, so you have to keep prepping it up. But, these cons can be accepted because the finish, the quality, the staying power and the shade, everything is just so amazing. Total thumbs up for this one.

Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick 9

Pros of Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick:

  • Lots of pretty and bold shades available to choose from.
  • Easily available all round and very reasonably priced.
  • Very gorgeous looking packaging and totally handy.
  • Nice powdery candy fragrance.
  • Pigmentation is awesome and it is pretty much buildable to your liking.
  • Texture is buttery soft and glides very smoothly on the lips.
  • Shade is an attractive berry colour that has the right mix of pink and purple with blue undertones.
  • Looks like a mature shade that ladies above 25 will totally enjoy.
  • The shade settles to a matte finish and stays on the lips for 6 hours.
  • A versatile colour to suit all skin tones.

Cons of Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick:

  • Transfers a lot on glasses because of the bold and vibrant colour.
  • Will not survive full fledged meals but yet leaves a tint.
  • The younger generation might not really like this as it looks a bit mature.
  • It is more of an occasional shade, not great for daily use.

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick?
I surely wouldn’t as I am more into pinks, coral and reds. But anyone, who is looking out for a berry shade can try this. The colour is buildable and it is the brightest tone in the swatches. The quality, pigmentation, texture, finish everything is just brilliant.

IMBB Rating:

Faces Glam On range is one of the newest range and it is just awesome. I tried a few lipsticks from this range and they are just wonderful. If you want to splurge on some new lipsticks, this range is a must try.

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6 thoughts on “Faces Truly Berry Glam On Lipstick Review

  1. I was searching for a shade like this for such a long time. This is beautiful! It compliments you so well! Great review! Going to search for this one asap! xx

    1. Thankkooooo you very much Emmy 🙂 glad you liked it on me 🙂 yes it is a perfect mix of pink and purple.. totally made for women who don’t love extreme purples.. go for it.. the range has a lot of beautiful shades and the quality is promising 🙂

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