Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon Review

Hello make-up junkies,

You guys know my obsession for lip crayons and that obsession lead me to pick a few from Faces. They have starry matte ones and matte ones, so I picked 1 from each, followed by 2 more because I loved these 😛 The matte ones have turned out to be the best crayons I have ever used, but the starry mattes were not-so-good ones! Scroll to know why.

Price: Rs 799/-

Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon Review

Product Description by Faces:

A collection of lip crayons featuring timeless matte shades with superior color pigment & hydration.
From beautiful nudes to striking reds to shades of pinks and corals there’s a shade for everyone. Dresses up lips in statement shades in matte finish with rich, color-bright pigments, while being super comfortable on lips. 10 sizzling sensual shades. The colors are inspired from international fashion trends. These lip colors exude ultimate feminine strength and glamourous style.

Additional Features:

• A veil of addicting color and spectacular payoff.
• Rich color in one stroke.
• Luxe and creamy matte texture with intense color.
• Lush, long lasting lipstick.
• Full coverage with a satiny matte finish for smooth and supple lips.
• Pure color pigments: for a truly vibrant color that lasts for hours.
• Paraben Free.
• Dermatologically tested.

Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon

My Experience with Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon:

The range of Faces Ultime Pro lip crayon have matte and some little shimmery shades too, the Midnight Rose that I reviewed belongs to the matte category and this one is a starry matte lip crayon. I did not know the difference initially because I got these babies online, but then I realised it would have been better if I had picked the matte ones!

Packaging: The packaging comes in hot pink colour with a black base and a transparent cap. It has the shade name written right over the packaging which makes it super easy. Also, the packaging colour resembles the shade, so becomes hassle-free to find one if you own a few. It looks like the lip crayons from the other brands but just a little less fat than those. They are extremely handy and the cap at any point gets separated from the crayon.

Now the difference in the packaging is that, these have to be sharpened and they don’t have a twisty base. The sharpener came free with these for which I whole heartedly thank Faces. Yes, there is product wastage but I am always cautious.

Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon open

Shade: This shade is a bright hot pink colour loaded with little gold shimmers and that is the reason they call it starry matte. The shade is bold and beautiful at the same time. This is that girly pink which would add a lot of cuteness along with hotness to the look. This is one of the must-haves pink which will perk up a boring make-up look in a jiffy and add some spice to it. It brightens up my face almost instantly and gives me a perfectly defined pout.

It will suit all the complexions nicely and will be great for day-time and evening-wear a well! The only thing I did not like in these is the shimmers! I don’t really understand who enjoys wearing such shimmers? I mean the shade was in itself so damn beautiful and the shimmers totally ruined the look. Other than that, I love this hot shade!

Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon swatch

Finish and Texture: The finish is super matte and I am sure the matte lovers are going to fall in love with the finish! The pigmentation is intense and the application is super smooth and creamy. It glides like a dream. Now I actually found out a vast difference in the matte and the starry matte ones, the formula of the matte one was exceptional, but this is something that I did not enjoy a lot.

It gets a lot patchier with time settling into bits on my lips. Also, it clings to the dry and chapped portions on the lips which look awful and it is highly noticeable since it is a bold colour. It also settles into fine lines, transfers a lot and the cherry on the cake is shimmers which make it look even more tacky!

Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon lipswatch 1

Staying Power: The staying power is incredible and the same as the matte ones as it stays for more than 9-10 hours but unevenly on my lips. The pigmentation might mildly decrease after 5-6 hours, but the colour stays as it is. It stays no matter how much I eat, sip water or do whatever. The removal part is a little tedious as it needs a powerful makeup remover to come off.

Pros of Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon:

• Super convenient and attractive packaging in the shade colour which makes it easy to spot the shade.
• Accompanied with a sharpener which sharpens it nicely without excessive product wastage.
• The shade “Hot wired” is a super hot pink which adds an instant glam to the make-up making it look hot and cute!
• It instantly brightens up my face and it will compliment all the skin-tones, age-groups and is suitable for all the occasions too.
• The formula is extremely matte which is why matte lovers will love this
• The pigmentation is very intense.
• It does not dry up my lips even though it is matte.
• It presents a very bold, confident and a I-don’t-care-about-the-world image of a girl
• It stays for more than 9-10 hours as it is no matter what I drink or what I eat; or probably how many times I eat.

Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon lipswatch 2

Cons of Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon:

• Transfers a lot.
• The formula of the starry matte ones is totally matte but different from the matte ones.
• The formula becomes very patchy and settles into bits on my lips.
• It settles in fine lines and clings a lot on the dry patches.
• The addition of shimmers to this shade is the worst decision by Faces because it does not look good.
• The shimmers spread all over my lips when I remove this off.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Faces Ultime Pro 04 Hot Wired Starry Matte Lip Crayon?
Nope, I wouldn’t! I would prefer a matte pink without shimmers, I rather would recommend the matte ones and not the starry matte ones from this range. The matte ones are classic ones to have and I am sure you will enjoy it for sure!

This range is the best range for matte lovers, it has a variety of shades to suit everyone’s liking, so run and pick the one you like!

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