Faces Ultra Lip Plumper – Hot Date

Faces Ultra Lip Plump Lip Plumper – Hot Date

Try it, and you will believe it. This high-performance lip-plumping formula stimulates collagen and elastin production while keeping lips soft. Lips are enhanced with soothing, pure ingredients such as ginger root, long-lasting emollients, and natural moisturizers – ingredients that provide superior antioxidant protection and instant hydration. Lip contour, size, and colour are intensified while fine lines are smoothed out. Paraben-free.
Note: a slight tingling sensation is perfectly normal

Price : Rs. 649

I have never tried plumping lip glosses. So this is something I was very excited to try out. I never wear sheer glosses. I like to use them on top of lipsticks. But this a shimmer reddish maroon on the medium pigmented side which can be easily worn on its own as well.In fact on a lip liner base too it looks dark so I like it best without a lip liner base,or use a nude lip liner under it.

The packaging is big, it comes with a brush-on applicator which has become “teda-meda” for some reason.The color looks stark maroon in the tube with gold shimmer but on its own I think it is not so bad, it comes out half as dark in fact a very pretty red maroon on the lips.

The plumping is owing to the menthol in it(IMO), it smells super minty, will remind you of Zandu balm. I like bulky packaging I dont know why.Then again the applicator picks up right amount, so no need to dig it in the tube often.The texture is the gloss is creamy thick and semi-opaque.

The gloss starts working in 15 seconds and then tingles for the next three or more minutes! It peaks at one point and many would find it uncomfortable too. I am okay but mentally I felt like I have applied Zandu balm on the lips 😛 I did not expect the tingling sensation to last for few minutes but it did. I could see a visible plumping so that is very impressive but I am sure the menthol works towards it.

The plumped lips look lasted for 20-30 plus the 4 minutes it tingles . After which the gloss looked very normal, regular. The color stayed for an hour or little more. For the next few hours it looked like a lip balm and the golden shimmer were visible after the gloss fades but honestly the shimmer did not create a mess.
I like the gloss as it adds some color which is not maroon red or pink, a nice color to wear and the shimmer is not OTT either.I think this is a great color for Indian weddings and parties and traditional wear and can be worn at dusk or night.During the day it is not flattering.I also think this is not a young color, married women would carry it better.

The gloss is thick and does not bleed much.It has a high wet shine plus little subtle shimmer.The shine on its own would add some plump look itself.There are not many lip plumpers around and anyone interested in checking how slightly plump lips would look on them, please try it, they have lighter shades as well.

On its own without a base
Overall there is some plumping effect in totality for 25-30 minutes but if you think you would not like the stinging sensation for 3-5 minutes skip it.As for me I will try lighter shades to be worn on lipsticks, I am okay with the sensation and I would reapply it if I need to maintain it.

On a dark brown lip liner freshly applied for illustration


after 4 minutes of plumping sensation



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7 thoughts on “Faces Ultra Lip Plumper – Hot Date

  1. Love love love the review. The product, the plumpingechanism and ur lotd…. Loved all of them *clap* *clap* *clap*

  2. It has actually made your lips plumper,I can definitely see a difference *woot* I Have a plumper from Sally Hansen and that one does work however it is super shiny so I don’t really use it that often

  3. Zandu Balm on lips rofl Neha you’ve got beautiful lips, you don’t need plumper 😛
    For me also lip-plumpers don’t do anything other than tingling for some time 😛

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