Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick – 23 Retro Mood Review

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick – 23 Retro Mood

From red to maroons, pinks to peaches, brown to bronze, mauves & corals, this range offers mirage of choice from warm and cool shades. So get ready to raise your glam quotient and grab your favorite shades today!


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This new range truly has a lot of shades, a whole bunch of pinks corals oranges.You can read many on IMBB and I have picked many like you can witness here My fav so far is yum bubblegum and most others have been great.What is best these days about many brands and Faces lipsticks also is that they comes with corals neons,no more boring maroons and browns like Lakme. This is true for Colorbar too only that Colorbar lipsticks stain but Faces ones do not.It is exciting when such bright pretty colors are launched as opposed to browns and purples.They would still have a regular maroon for many ladies.

The color today is a beautiful red.Sometimes I think finding is a nice red is much easier than a nude lipstick.I have so many reds and I can hardly pick one as my favotire.Lakme red coat, runway red, maxfactor ruby tuesday, all work for me and this is another pinkish glistening red which in dearly love.You have to notice this is not a bright orange neon red but this is a very sophisticated red with carrot pink underontes.This does not have any shimmer to it but has an almost invisible glisten finish to it which makes it very unique red.In fact at an angle it would even look like a dark pink 😛 some times it even looks orange-red ..so very unique for me instead of an in your face red lipstick.
The texture of the lipsticks is smooth enough.It is not buttery or crumbly but it is just right..it has this true to tube color pigmentation and one swipe is amazing. I think you will not e disappointed with the texture and pigmentation.The finish is semi matte, or creamy and the lips do not feel dry.The lips look healthy and you can shape easily with this lipstick.The color is a beautiful red and you can build it up or go dab-dab, in any case it brightens the face a lot.

This red is suitable for most skin tones, and also can be worn during day, evening and night parties.The color adds a retro look and you could pair with thin winged liner.The staying power is above average, it does not dry or smudge or bleed but it does transfer to cups etc like most lipsticks.You could mattify it with single ply tissue for lighter red.overall if you are looking for a red lipstick, I recommend this one.


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  1. Whenever i see a red lipstick i feel like grabbing it…but when i see it on myslf i feel it doesnt look good at all *waaa* beautiful LOTD

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