Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick- Magenta 44 Review

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick- Magenta 44

Hello Girls,

Today I am here with an amazing shade of lipstick. It’s from Faces, this is my first review for this brand. I think ultra moist range is the latest launch from Faces. I choose the color Magenta randomly but it proved to be my most favorite shade, which I was eyeing from my teenage only *hihi*. Let’s see, how the lipstick fared on me.

Faces Ultra MoistLipstick- Magenta 44

Product Details: Sport kissable glamorous lips with a little extra care! Sealed with extra smooth texture and extremely moist formula with the goodness of Shea butter, and Almond extracts, FACES Ultra Moist is surely the next preferred choice for every fashionista.

Price: INR 449

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a safely packed outer box, with the details of brand and ingredients in it, the bullet body is deep plum in color, again has a color coded sticker at the bottom of it. All over the packaging is nice, sturdy and travel friendly too for the price.

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick- Magenta 44

My Take on Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick- Magenta 44

Color: The shade as the name suggests is a nice cool toned magenta, purplish pink shade, with no shimmers in it, but the color has kind of silvery sheen to it. The color in simple words I can mention its true “Rani Pink” which is a feminine shade, it will suit almost all skin tones, especially Indian skin tones. The shade is really wearable at day with any kind of outfit and perfect for night parties too.

Texture: Texture is also the same as the name says ‘ultra moisturizing’. The texture is very soft, smooth and glides easily on lips. The finish is very glossy, the lipstick is not that buttery creamy either, but the moisturization it provides is commendable. The lipstick is like a treatment for lips, though I have normal lips (not very drying), but sometimes they does chap, when I applied it in my non-exfoliated, chapped lips, after minutes my lips started feeling softer and smother, and the flakiness of lips are totally gone and in front of me was my beautifully colored soft lips. Dry lip beauties will surely love it.

Faces Ultra Moist LipstickMagenta 44

Pigmentation: The pigmentation of this lipstick is medium to buildable; it needs atleast 2 swipes to give an opaque coverage. In one swipe it gives really sheer coverage, you’ll need to swipe it one more time for that perfect coverage. But in 2-3 swipes it nicely covered my slightly pigmented lips and the needed opacity is perfectly attained. This shade being so dark doesn’t acquires the perfect thickness in it, means after 2-3 swipes too, I can easily see my lips through it.

Staying Power: The lipstick being so creamy soft in texture, transfers easily onto anything. It also fades away after snacking, the real beautiful color fades and become almost a different shade, which I hate, so I need to re-apply it. But without eating anything it stayed on me for 3 hrs easily, without any kind of fading, which is pretty good for such a creamy lipstick.

Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick- Magenta44

Pros of Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick- Magenta 44:

• A very nice Purplish pink shade, will suit majority of skin tones.
• A perfect daywear and specially nightwear shade.
• It’s a perfect bridal shade.
• The shade is very uncommon in good brands, but Faces had done it.
• Texture is creamy & smooth.
• Pigmentation is medium to buildable.
• Finish is very glossy & creamy.
• They are like treatment for dry lips, it kinds of mend my unhealthy lips.
• Packaging is nice & sturdy too.
• Doesn’t bleeds or settles into fine lines.
• Reasonable price.
• Stays on for 3-4 hours easily.

FacesUltra Moist Lipstick- Magenta 44

Cons of Faces Ultra Moist Lipstick- Magenta 44 :

• I wish the pigmentation could be more for such a nice lipstick.
• Transfers easily.
• Doesn’t survive meals, fades easily after light snacking.
• You’ll not like the shade if you don’t like glossy lipsticks.
• The shade is on the dark side, but still it lacks the thickness or complete opacity in it.

Faces UltraMoist Lipstick- Magenta 44

Note: The color looks pretty different in the pictures, because of natural light.

Recommendation/ Re-purchase: Yes, Yes * hanji* I’ll surely recommend this range and this shade to everyone. But I know everyone will try this shade also. For dry lip beauties they should go now and grab more of this lipstick. I’ll buy this shade again, and will try to buy the other shades too.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5.

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