Faces Velvet Kohl Noir Intense Review

Faces Velvet Kohl Noir Intense Review

Faces has recently launched new eyeliners, kohls and eyeshadows. I think they have launched new lip glosses too. Faces Velvet Kohl was a part of all these new launches. I really wanted to try this new kohl from Faces because I kind of expected it to be good as Faces products have never disappointed me and moreover, the price was reasonable too. I saw it at an online site and ordered it as soon as possible.

Faces Velvet Kohl Noir Intense Review


Rs. 269 for 1.2 gm.

My Experience with Faces Velvet Kohl Noir Intense:

Faces Velvet Kohl comes in a black “sharpenable” wooden pencil. The appearance is similar to Faces Long Wear Eye Pencil.  I am glad that it comes in pencil rather than bullet shaped kajals because it gets easy to sharp like this. This kohl is extremely pigmented.  A single swipe gives a jet black color. I fell in love with the pigmentation the first time I swiped it on my arm. When I applied it on my waterline, it gave jet black color in a single swipe. Sometimes, two swipes are required when I apply it softly.  It is extremely soft and smooth. It glides on effortlessly and very softly on waterline. I wear contacts and I have sensitive eyes, but it didn’t irritate my eyes.

Kohl 1

I have extremely watery eyes. No kajal stays on my waterline for more than 2-3 hours without smudging. I have tried L’Oreal kohl, Lotus Herbals kajal, Colorbar kajal, Faces kajal and the famous Colossal and Eyeconic kajal. I liked Eyeconic kajal and Maybelline kajal out of all these, but I still wasn’t fully satisfied with these because they smudge on me. Then, I tried Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate and I loved it. After trying it for a few days, I got this Velvet Kohl from Faces and believe me, I liked it a lot.


It stays on my lash line for the entire day and even after 6 hours, my lower lid and lash line don’t get all black with smudged kajal when I apply this. It smudges on the outer corners after about 4 hours, but that’s okay with me because it doesn’t give me raccoon eyes.

Black Eyes

It smudges slightly on lash line too, but it is much less than other kajals. Since it smudges only slightly on my extremely watery eyes, there’s a chance that it might smudge even less on your eyes. It needs to be removed from lash line with a makeup remover.

Comparison with other kajals:


The staying power is almost same as Maybelline Colossal kajal and Lakme Eyeconic kajal but it smudges slightly less on me than both of these. I think this is softer than Colossal kajal. Pigmentation is similar to or slightly more than Eyeconic Kajal. If we compare these three, I think all three are almost equal and there’s no clear-cut winner between these three kajals. It is slightly less soft than Lakme absolute kohl, but the staying power and the smudging is almost the same. Other big difference between both of these is price. The smudging factor is less than Lotus, Colorbar and L’Oreal kohl.

Kajal Kohl

Pros of Faces Velvet Kohl Noir Intense:

  • Intensely pigmented.
  • Very soft and smooth. It glides very smoothly on waterline.
  • Doesn’t irritate my eyes.
  • Smudges very less on me.
  • Stays on my lash line for almost the entire day.
  • Can be sharpened very easily.

Cons of Faces Velvet Kohl Noir Intense:

  • None.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Faces Velvet Kohl Noir Intense?

Yes, definitely.  If this smudges slightly on me, there are huge chances that it will smudge even less on you and you will love it. Since all kajals work differently for every person, you need to try this to be sure about it. As for me, I will definitely repurchase it.

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30 thoughts on “Faces Velvet Kohl Noir Intense Review

  1. Omg when i was reading the review,it felt like i hadwritten it myself. Coz every point is same with. Me. I wear contacts,have Watery eyes,no kajal stays on me, and i too have been really liking velvet kohl. 🙂 great review 🙂

    1. m really glad you feel the se purva because now i am sure all these points are universal n not just the way this kajal behaves with me 🙂 thanks 🙂

  2. Helpful review Surbhi.. i like the way u have clicked 3 kajals together :-)… this is definetely a lovely black :-).. since u have said it is smoother than colossal.. will surely try this baby :-))

    1. i haven’t tried the UD liners shikha but m sure they.r a tough competition for other liners 😀 they r really good esp their smoothness 🙂

  3. wow! will surely give this a go! on my wish list as well! 🙂 love how u compared to other common & popular 1s 🙂 thanks for that

  4. wow! perfect time for this review :-), I have very similar eyes as you have described (Rather exact description!), I was using Avon since a lot of years and it suits me perfectly, but now i’m finding it difficult to order, and also Avon testes on Animals so wanna avoid. I shall get this soon… Thank you 🙂

    1. you are most welcome vidhi 🙂 i haven’t tried the Avon one ever. you should definitely give this one a try. this is definitely very good 🙂

  5. great review.. thanks for the comparison.. im def gonna try this next.. currently loving loreal contour kohl.. will buy this once my loreal is finishing.. 🙂

    1. thanks alot pia and you are most welcome 🙂 i hope you like it too 🙂 u like loreal one? wow.. it smudges on me badly 🙁

  6. Amazing post!! I am confused still between getting eyeconic or this faces one. I want the darkest black and absolutely almost smudge proof from waterline among the two, Surbhi, which would you recommend for these two points- eyeconic or faces?

    1. i liked this one better than eyeconic 🙂 but since all kajals work differently on different eyes, i am not sure how this will work for u. if it was me i would have tried both of these turn by turn 😛

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