Facial Dos and Don’ts for Effective Results

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We all take utmost care of our skin and love to pamper it. Facials are something we all love to indulge in from time to time. In today’s post, let’s find out some dos to make the facial sessions more effective and some don’ts to avoid any allergies or red bumps.

Facial Dos and Don’ts for Effective Results4

Know Your Skin Type

Facial Dos and Don’ts for Effective Results2

If you are doing yourself or you are going to get it done at a salon, you should know your skin type. Having a facial according to your skin type will definitely give you more benefits. Have a talk with the person who will be doing the facial about your skin type, your allergies (if you have any) and all your concerns.

Do A Patch Test

I had a really bad experience when I got a facial for the first time. I ended up with really red face and I had to consult a doctor just because I had really sensitive skin and the facial reacted very badly with my skin. So no matter how much hurry you are in, please do not forget a patch test.

Check The Manufacturing and Expiry Date

Facial Dos and Don’ts for Effective Results3

This is really important. It doesn’t matter if you are getting your facial done from a fancy place, you can still never know. It is always advisable to go for trusted and reputed brands and also check the expiry dates of the products to be used on your precious face.

Go for It in The Evening

When we get a facial done, our skin becomes really sensitive and sun rays at that time can play havoc to the already sensitive skin. So try to schedule an appointment in the evening when there is no sun. If you have to get it done in the afternoon, then use a good quality sunscreen to slather on your face and neck.

Avoid Facials on Sunburned Skin

If you have returned from a vacation and you are sunburned, then that time may not be right to get a facial done. Give your skin some time to recover and then schedule an appointment.

Do Not Wash Your Face for 3-4 Hours After A Facial

Facial Dos and Don’ts for Effective Results1

A lot of good products have been used on your face so let them get absorbed and let your skin reap maximum benefits from the products used. If you think your face feels stretchy, then you can choose to use a facial mist on your face.

Avoid Soap and Makeup

Makeup should be avoided for the next 8-10 hours. As your skin is laden with products and using makeup on them can cause serious allergies and burn reactions. Although we really don’t use soap on our faces, but if you do then you need to steer clear of soaps for 2-3 days.

Drink Lots of Water

Facial Dos and Don’ts for Effective Results

Water helps us to stay hydrated and water is anyway good for our bodies. Water also helps to push out any toxins that may have been released during the facial. Try to avoid aerated drinks and caffeine on the day of facial.

Avoid Facials when You are Experiencing Breakouts

If you see a big pimple on the day of your appointment then it may not be the right day to get a facial done. All that massaging can spread that pimple to your face and may result in bad skin.

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