Top 5 Facial Hair Removal Methods

If you are a woman, you just can never come to terms with the fact that you have hair sprouting here and there, be it your jaw-line, upper lips, chin, cheeks or forehead! Perhaps that is the reason why women are never tired of finding out options to do away with their facial hair. So, wondering how to remove your unwanted facial hair? Here is an article that will give you an overview of some of the most well-known removal methods and treatments you can opt for.

Facial hair removal

How to Remove Unwanted Facial Hair?
If you want to do away with your facial hair, here are the top five methods commonly in use:

1. Threading: The threads and the proficient way to use the same have been the saviour of hundreds of thousands of women across the world! Just be seated and let your beauty expert subject your countenance to a few swift strokes of thread and lo! Your face is fresh as ever! The smooth hair-free skin glows in no time and makes you wish that this glow lasts forever! Threading is cost effective, safe to be done on facial skin and yields satisfactory results. However, the results are only short lived and the strokes of thread working on your facial hair can be a little painful as well. Threading is mostly used to shape eyebrow, remove excess hair from forehead, chin and upper lips.

Threading eyebrows

2. Waxing: Waxing is yet another safe option that you can go for when looking for an effective method to do away with your facial hair, but the “ouch factor” can prevent you from having the courage to get your face waxed and thus, taste the bliss of having a soft face sans hair. It is very true that every time your beauty specialist pulls those waxy strips, your facial skin hurts; it almost burns! But nevertheless, it is not at all pricey and the results are not as short lived as threading. Waxing is a popular choice for removing excess hair from cheek bones, jaw line, upper lips and chin area. DIY Facial Waxing kits are available in the market, but it pays off if you trust your facial waxing on expert hands. Face is a sensitive area. A wrong pull can damage your skin, initiate premature aging and cause you to have a spurt of skin rashes.


Facial waxing

3. Tweezing: Get a pair of tweezers and get set to pull out the stray facial hairs, here and there to get a clean look! Tweezing though is an option for you only if your facial hair is on the lower side of the scale.

4. Depilatories:  They are more commonly known as hair removal creams and sound to be easier options as far as hair removal is concerned; especially if you know that they are cheap and extremely simple to use with the catchword being “wipe your hair off!” But such creams have potential side effects and you must weigh the cons against the pros before you make up your mind to use it on your face.

5. Laser Treatment:  Laser hair removal is a serious affair. Indeed, you need to seriously consider the money matters involved (laser treatment is expensive!), whether or not laser is the right option for you and then, who metes out the treatment to you. Fix an appointment with your doctor and ensure that you choose it wisely. Laser hair removal treatment can be done on any area of the body, including the face. The pocket pinch is a pinching factor though!

Now, follow your discretion and go for the hair removal method you feel is the best for you!

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15 thoughts on “Top 5 Facial Hair Removal Methods

  1. *thankyou* *thankyou* for dis article somreeta….. *clap* i hav never done facial hair removal yet as i dont hav much..when i ask parlor lady she said as i hav very less if i remove ,more hair will come n long hair will it true??? *scared* *scared*

    1. u r lucky dear dat u dont have much unwanted facial hair *puchhi* i dont think removal promotes hair growth,esp if its waxing or laser. hair removal creams though tend to promote it as far as my experience says..

  2. I usually wax my jawline hair once in 4-5 months and bleach if not wax . But usually the parlor lady hesitates and says ur skin will sag if u do it often! does anyone know anything about this ? or its just a myth among many others.

      1. One of the reasons you noticed your skin become looser with frequent waxing is because it takes off the fine vellus hairs as well as the coarser ones. You need some hair to hold your skin up! If you notice men’s faces appear firm even as they age, it’s because they still have the coarse beard hair holding up their skin as they get older.

        Electrolysis is a better choice for facial hair because you target individual hairs. So you can remove the coarse ones, while leaving the finer ones you need in order to have a natural appearance and keep your skin looking good.

  3. hey somreeta really nice and helpful post… *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* i am using threading method for remove hair on eyebrows and upperlips..and as you said it makes my face fresh and soft *preen* *preen* but the pain *waaa* *waaa* still we have to bear with it no choices *headbang* *headbang*

  4. I was tired of visiting parlor regularly for waxing or threading facial hair and hence decided to switch to laser. That’s the best way to say bye to unwanted hair and i am happy i opted for it *happydance* *pompom*

  5. Laser hair removal should NOT be listed as an option for hair reduction on the face. It is very likely to increase the hair growth on many women. In one article I read that women with tan to brown complexions are highly susceptible to increased hair growth after receiving laser treatments.

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