Facial Hair Removal Tips: Ask IMBB

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Samaira Shekh asks:

Hey Girls,

I have a problem of facial hair, thick and coarse, especially on upper lips.  Can you please suggest something as a remedy for them except tweezing, please you are my hope.  Please help me.

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10 thoughts on “Facial Hair Removal Tips: Ask IMBB

  1. if you want hair growth to reduce naturally try gram flour and turmeric pack, do it once a week keeping in mind that you remove pack after it dries, rub in circular.motion after the pack dries, this Will surely help reduce facial hair growth

  2. IMBB team plz can u provide mw with different hair styles for various occasions for thin & wavy hair (like mine)
    bored of the same old hair style yaa plzzzz need it badly.

  3. I thread myself, and use wax strips too
    you could use katori wax as well
    also, if you are new, visit a professional for the same 🙂

  4. threading , or facial waxing ! If you want permanent removal options go for electrolysis or lasers. There are chemical depilatory methods available too… Talk to your dermatologist about eflorithine creams !

  5. SAmaira … I’d say if u want quick and lasting results nothing works better than laser.. i know someone ..and she opted for laser.. and is very very happy with the result 🙂 .. if you have tym then opt for gram flour and turmeric ubtan.. which works but slowly 🙂 ..and yup threading or waxing is the most convenient way 🙂 .. but my vote goes to laser from a reputed beauty clinic 🙂

  6. Hi.I guess many of you have suggested this homemade remedy. Take 1/4 cup of besan (chickpea flour), 1/4 cup milk, 2 teaspoon of turmeric (if you are fair then dont add much), 1 teaspoon of salt.Mix it properly. Dont make a thin mixture.Apply it on your face with a brush. Let it dry completely. Now here is the technique. Remove the mask from your face by rubbing it in upward direction. In this way your facial hair will get emoved from the roots. If you remove it rubbing it in the direction of hair then it wont work. Please note – Remove it gently. Dont rub too hard 🙂

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