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Tara asks:

Has anyone of you tried facial oil cleansing method and did it work for you? If yes, please share on how to go about it?



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14 thoughts on “Facial Oil Cleansing Method: Ask IMBB

  1. Yes, I have, after reading articles here, on IMBB.
    Since I have combination skin, getting drier in winters, I use a concoction of castor oil and olive oil (1:1) and add a few drops of lavender oil. Just massage on to your face and wipe with a warm washcloth. You may refer to Neha’s article for details.
    It suits my skin very much. That’s what IMBB is so loved for.

  2. Yes dear. I am using it too, I have combination/oily/acne-prone skin and use just castor oil. I am very happy with the results. my skin is so calm now, and no redness.

  3. Yes dear. I am using it too, I have combination/oily/acne-prone skin and use just castor oil. I am very happy with the results. my skin is so calm now, and no redness. *happy dance*

  4. Hi Tara,
    Yes, I do the OCM, and have since around the beginning of 2012. I did stop in the middle for a few months, because I was travelling a lot, and so it became difficult to find hot water everywhere, but now I have started doing it again since I’m at home.
    OCM has totally cleared up my skin, and removed tiny bumps I had. I have never had acne even before I started doing it, and I get pimples very rarely. Even when my period is approaching, I don’t get pimples.
    While I was doing the OCM, I NEVER got a pimple. Yes, you read that correct. For more than a year, I didn’t have a single pimple. Or blemish. Or anything.
    My skin type is generally dry, with flaky skin on my nose in extremely cold / dry weather.
    How I do it? I do it every night. I don’t wash my face with a facewash or anything before that. I take a tiny bit of oil, around 1 1/2 tsp, and massage it into my face and neck, concentrating on my nose and chin. I don’t take my make up off before that or anything. Directly on my dirty face.
    Then, after massaging it in properly, I take a cloth and soak it in very warm water, and keep alternating it between my face and neck, till it cools. I do this maybe 3 times each, then I wipe off all the oil with the same cloth.
    And that’s it. I don’t use a face wash after that.
    Btw, my oil mix is 10% castor oil and 90% sunflower oil (regular one used for cooking). I had tried olive oil before that, but it broke me out, and my skin doesn’t like coconut oil; again, I break out. So, I tried the sunflower oil, and it was perfect.
    OCM has made my skin smooth and glowing, like nothing else ever has. It literally made my skin PERFECT. So did it work for me? Yes yes yes yes yes!!!! Highly recommended by me. 🙂
    However, I strongly suggest you do a lot of research on this before you try it, keeping in mind that what works for others may not work for you. Look up a lot of sites, read a lot, determine your oil mix, and wash the cloth you use after every use. I just hand wash mine and put it to dry next to my bath towel.
    Good luck with the OCM 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Samantha for detailing it so nicely *puchhi* *puchhi* And u exactly got my concern….i was little apprehensive which oil to go for with castor and till what extent. To began with I started moisturizing with 1 drop of each – cator + sweet almond after I wash my face and go to sleep. Things look fine so far. I also tried only castor oil too and no issue so far. So thot of increasing the quantity now to 1 tsp and try OCM. Once again many thanks! Btw if u use oil without washing the face won’t it risk the dirt also getting absorbed with them as castor oil I read can go pretty deep in the skin?

      1. You’re welcome *puchhi*
        As regards brands, I initially used Swastik brand (made in Bangalore), but after I used up my first bottle, it was out of stock, so I used Oom Laboratories brand (made in Shimoga).
        Both are local brands, and I have no idea whether they’re cold-pressed or not 😛
        But I’ve not had any problem with them so far.
        I do not suggest OCM with only castor oil – your skin will dry out terribly. Do mix it with some other oil as well. You can try it with the sweet almond oil. If it gets too heavy for you, try sunflower oil 😀
        Naw, the dirt doesn’t get absorbed into the skin. It just gets removed wonderfully well with all that oil. When you wipe your face at the end (again with the cloth soaked in warm water and wrung out), you wipe off all the oil and the dirt goes along with it.
        One tip though: do not use scalding hot water (of course), but the water should be hot enough to have steam coming out of the cloth and onto your face.
        Oh, and if my face feels a bit dry after I use the OCM, I just rub a few drops of the OCM mixture between my palms and rub it into my face.

  5. Yes, it highly works, removes every trace of makeup and dirt, leaves skin feeling soft and clear, lightens acne marks with regular usage. It even reduces acne as far as I’ve experienced, the oils which I use are 1 tsp olive oil, 1/2 tsp almond oil, 1/2 tsp castor oil and few drops of lavender essential oil, massage it in my skin and wipe it off with cotton and then rinse it with warm water.

  6. *thankyou* *thankyou* for all the answers! Would love to know the brands too of castor oil? I got one at the local chemist but not sure if it is cold-pressed *scared*

  7. Hi All,

    After reading all the comments above I have one doubt.. it may be a stupid one but pls help..
    I thot castor oil promotes hair growth because it is advised to use it on eyelashes/eyebrows..
    so if we using it on face, wont it affect facial hair.

    P.S I have oily skin..
    also suggest me which oil to use for oily skin…

      1. Hi Anchal in my quest to try natural stuff I read some where that castor oil will not make the facial hair grow so go ahead and indulge in OCM and give ur skin a boost 🙂

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