7 Facial Yoga Exercises to Tone Your Face

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We all know that sound sleep, healthy diet, and proper exercise can bring out our beauty. Exercising our muscles is one of the best ways to get better oxygen circulation and fitter body. While we tend to work out to relieve the knots in our body muscles, we often ignore our face. Facial muscles need their regular workouts too, to get a sculpted and toned look. This is all the more essential as with age, our face muscles start degenerate giving saggy skin. The best way to get toned face is to spend some time doing facial yoga. Intrigued? Read on to know the simple facial yoga exercises for a toned face.

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1. Be surprised and shocked!

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Literally, I mean! Widen your eyes, exposing the white of the eyes as much as possible. Keep doing that until your eyes cannot hold it anymore or start watering. This exercise is super effective in exercising the forehead and eye muscles. It tones your temples and eliminates the effects of squinting for hours at the computer screen or scowling.

2. Puff your cheeks:

Such an easy exercise with enormous benefits! Take a deep breath and hold all the air in your mouth. This way your cheeks are puffed. Now you can switch the air between cheeks. This alternating movement and puffing cheeks stretch multiple muscles, giving fuller and youthful cheeks. It helps to tone your cheekbone area, without giving a bony aging look.

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3. Rolling the neck:

As simple as it sounds, we seldom spend time doing it. Roll your neck in clockwise and anticlockwise direction for a couple of minutes every hour or so. Do this with a straight spine and shoulders facing down. It is a super effective exercise in reducing double chin, sagging neck and giving a more toned jawline.

4. Make the fish face:

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We might have done it countless times, even without realizing it. Make a fish face by simply sucking in your cheeks and lips. Hold it for 5 seconds and feel the stretch. You can do it while reading, showering, working, watching TV – basically anywhere and everywhere. Repeat multiple times at a go to get toned cheekbones. It helps to reduce chubbiness of cheeks.

5. The V to the rescue:

Touted as an alternative to Botox, this quick facial yoga technique takes care of drooping eyelids, puffiness and crow’s feet. For this, you need to press both middle fingers at the inner corners of your eyebrows. Following this, apply pressure using your index fingers to the outer corners of the brows. Move your eyes, by looking upwards, squinting and then relax. Banish those bags under your eyes by doing this every day.

6. Bye-bye fine lines:

Many of us have forehead lines, which can often add years to our look. An easy way to bid goodbye to these fine lines is to gently sweep the fingers across the skin, with light pressure to roll out the lines. Do this by placing out all the fingers between brows and hairline. Relax and repeat, and reap the benefits of smoother skin.

7. Try a mini face lift:

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This quick exercise helps in giving the muscles around your upper lip a good workout, thereby preventing sagging. It also gives a fuller shape to your lower face. Just open your mouth slightly and flare your nostrils. Then wrinkle up your nose as far as possible. Then slowly draw your upper lip as high as you can, and hold for 10 seconds. After this, slightly open your mouth, and place one finger under the eye on the cheekbone. Curl your upper lip slowly upward, keeping finger pressure on your face. Hold for 10 seconds, then slowly return to the original position. Do this once, every day and you won’t feel the need of Botox ever.

Last but not the least, smile a lot! Smiling is the best way to keep your face toned and yourself happy. The more you smile, the younger you look.

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