Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day

Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day

Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream Day

There’s a story behind this product too.  This is allegedly a “scar removal” formula.  I first came to know about this cream through my sister.  One of my sister’s relatives (a young catholic priest) suffered from chicken pox and was very worried about the scars on his face.  He called up my sister and proclaimed this as a “miracle” product.  My sister had also suffered from chicken pox and she too wanted to get rid of the scars on her body.  She got two tubs of Fade Out Active cream through ebay from an UK seller.  When I came to know about “Fade Out,” I checked online whether I could get it locally.  To my surprise, I did find it on an online website and got it delivered.  Here’s the review for “Fade Out Day Cream.”

Fade Out Cream

Product Description:

Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day is a new and unique lightening cream that gently fades away unwanted age spots, freckles, uneven skin tone and other dark pigmentation patches.

Fade Out Cream

The new enriched Zyalight formula enables noticeable results to be achieved within 4 weeks depending on skin type. Formulated with skin brightening natural activates provitamin B5 and vitamin E to help restore youthful radiance, moisturise and help prevent fine lines.

Contains SPF 15 sunscreens for complete day care protection. For best results use the fade out extra care night fade cream. Clinically proven and dermatologically tested.


Rs. 687 for 75 ml.


The outer cover is missing 🙁

My Take on Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day:

There are around 5 variants available of this cream.  I picked up the Fade Out Extra Care Day Cream because I know I would never be punctual applying anything at night.  This cream comes in a very heavy tub and there’s a lot of product in the tub.  The cream smells very “ointmenty” and medicinal.  I tried to apply it in a little quantity during day time, but it is  super greasy and my face started sweating moments after application.  I decided to use this at night instead of strutting around with a greasy face.

Fade Out Cream

During the night time, I applied it on a clean face and went off to bed.  In the morning, I woke up with a smooth facial skin.  Though visibly, there wasn’t any glow or brightness or scar reduction, I could feel an effect similar to “microdermabrasion.”  Though my sister and my sister’s relative did see reduction in chicken pox scars, I could not see much difference on my acne scars.

Fade Out Cream

There is one issue that bothers me and that is, both of them got their pieces from abroad, my sister from UK and her relative from Dubai, whereas I got my online, so I am thinking whether I got an equally effective piece or not.

Fade Out Cream

These two people vouch for this cream, but I do not actually.  I could “feel” the smoothness after using it for a while, but I actually wanted the acne scars to vanish, and that didn’t happen.

But, I continue using it at night whenever I feel my skin needs “microdermabrasion” kind of thing, and it works!

Summing up the pros and cons of this cream:

Pros of Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day:

  • Makes skin smooth after overnight application.
  • Claims to have zyalight formula, which is supposed to help pigmentation marks.
  • People vouch that it works on chicken pox marks.

Cons of Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day:

  • This is a day cream, but it makes facial skin extremely greasy and is thus unsuitable for day time use.
  • Does not work that effectively on acne marks, and I am surprised since it works on chicken pox scars.
  • Smells strongly of ointment.

Will I Recommend Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day?

It does give a smooth skin; however, I would suggest to try night cream because it is not suitable to be worn during day time.

Will I Repurchase Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day?

Maybe through ebay.

IMBB Rating:


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66 thoughts on “Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day

  1. Hi Jomol, nice extensive review. But dear, am no expert but read somewhere that products with SPF should not be used in night. I am not sure but worth checking. I hope you dont mind my bina mangi salaah *blush*

    1. Hi Ila, thank you so much for the suggestion. I would have never figured out it by myself, maybe that’s why it didn’t work on my acne scars. I will try it as spot treatment during day time, thank you so much 🙂

  2. Great review jomol . . .i have heard about this cream from one of my friends a while ago. . .the amazing part is most of its active ingredients are natural products. . .and some provitamins . . .I think if you give it some time, it might help with your scar reduction too 🙂

    1. Rashmi…one thing I forgot to mention is that it is extremely sweet too, I don’t know how it gets into my mouth, but its very sweet, and you are right, I should use it more diligently for acne scars 🙂

    1. Vijayeta, yes, the smell does go away within a few minutes but the cream is extremely sweet, I don’t know how or why it goes into my mouth, but its very sweet 🙂

    1. Nisha, there are actually many prescribed creams that treat chicken pox scars 🙂 this is one amongst them 🙂

    1. kidhar hai scars long legs mein…..waishe you can try, yeh bahoot moisturizing type bhi hai, you can use them on your legs :smug:

  3. Jomol,it calims to fade out age spots & pigmentation..I’m picking this for my mom..hope it works for her 🙂

  4. Hey Jomol..Nice Review.:D
    I have scars that are very old.So i wanna give it a try.:)
    Can u please tell me that from which online website did u ordered it?

  5. Jomo, good morning 🙂
    how long have you used this one, will it be slow in showing results?
    if its oily, then better i can go for the night cream of this version itself

    1. Shami, I think you should go for the night cream only. I don’t think in Indian climatic conditions, we can wear the day cream. If you have to, go for the night cream only 🙂

        1. good morning all..am off to Bombay next week and cant wait to shop in all the gallis of Bombay which i thoroughly miss in Hyderabad..

    1. Hi Pallavi,…..burn scars I am not sure, but you can definitely give it a try Pallavi, it does clear out pigmentation with regular use they say 🙂

  6. You bought it through ebay kya jomol…hmmmm…may be it does work well for chicken pox scars and not so much for acne ones…but it does give smooth looking face na….even though its greasy…

    1. Kimi…its like super super greasy, I cannot wear it for the day, but I guess I can use it as spot treatment. You know that priest boy is refusing to share his cream with anybody it seems…he he

      1. he he he…I think I should check out ebay sometime..Its been ages since I’ve been there…I remember I started my online stunts some 7-8 years back from ebay only..and bought so many weird and aaltu faaltu stuffs, just for the heck of it..lol….thankfully I guess I know better now…I hope so!! 😛

        1. I am toh still not too much into online shopping. I like the whole feel of going to the shops, checking out stuff and buying them. 😀

            1. Know what I used to loveeeeeeeeeee going to malls in US and Germany..but pata nahi kyun India mein nahi mann karta..I still donno why..I feel quite strained and kinda scared of seeing all the SAs…. 😐 😐 😐

              1. especially when they start hovering around you..US and Germany and even Dubai mein one good thing was..SAs leave you on your own..and help you only when you need some help..and they are super nice and polite..yahaan I feel intimidated… 🙁

                1. yeah Health&Glow used to be like that and I used to get very irritated but now they are much better. The ‘New U’ in the Inorbit mall in Hyd is like that unfortunately. They keep following you around and almost make you very conscious as if you are going to maaro something if they arent around 🙂 lots of times i look at the price and keep it back and if that SA is looking I tho feel maha cheap..hahah

                  1. Seriously Aruna…I usually just freak out, forget what I came to buy and come out just too take some deep breath..I feel claustrophobic with SAs hovering around and asking questions time and again..its so irritating!!

                    1. Yeah! It bothers me too.. but a friend of mine, a store manager, once told me that they teach this to your SAa as the cases of shop lifting in India are quite high and he also told me the ppple who have been caught shop lifting on his CCTVs are quite high profile and are among his regular customers. In the initial time, he had to bear huge expenses because of shop lifting.

                      Thinking of this, I think if I ever own a store I would also teach my SAs the same thing. 😐

      1. Jhilmilllll…I so wanted to give it a try after reading its review as I have sum marks on my knees & legs..but you said it doesnt work for your mom who is in her 40s & me too in 40s…..*bwahahahaha*

        1. Shilpa….I don’t really believe you and Aru are in your 40s….you both don’t look like 40 people….this is so unfair….:waaaaaaaaaaaaa:

            1. Kabhi nahin….but feel really proud, its good to know you people and you take good care of yourselves :* :*

              1. Shukriya jee…Tah-e-dil se Shukriya… And such compliments rewind biological clock faster for us… 🙂 And now to I am getting more conscious, aware & regular in my beauty regimen (Courtesy:IMBB) …so keep watching..literally too.. 😉

    1. Surabhi……I don’t think it works for moms….my mom is in her 40s, but this did not work in a great way for her too. It might not work on mature skin :((

  7. Nice review Jomol…i know many women who use fade out back home …and i know they use a couple of jars b4 they start seeing proper results..

    1. Thanks Heer for telling me that, I think I should be more diligent in applying, I am kind of impatient and want to see immediate results 🙂

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