Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On Face Wash Review

Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On Face Wash

By Puspita Das

Hello everyone,

I am Puspita from Kolkata.  I am writing on IMBB for the first time.  I am basically a student of engineering.  I love makeup and beauty products, so whenever I need to buy something, I first check out IMBB and the product is always reviewed here.  I do follow IMBB religiously and thanks to the IMBB team for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this blog and to share my experiences with makeup and beauty products.  Today’s review is about a newly-launched face wash – Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On Face Wash.  I have dry to normal skin, but I don’t know how this summer made my skin totally oily and I got 2 pimples on my cheeks and some small bumps on the forehead also.  I tried homemade face packs to get rid of these from my face, but a week ago, while watching TV, I saw the advertisement of this face wash and decided to give it a try.



Rs. 60/- for 50 gm.

Product Description:

Fair and Lovely Pimple Off, Fairness On Daily Face Wash with gentle scrub particles helps to remove pimples causing germs and oil to give dual benefit – prevent pimples and fairer skin.


My Experience with Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On Face Wash:

The packaging is really cute and the parrot green cap is really attractive and sturdy also. It makes the product travel friendly. It has a very mild and pleasant smell.  It is creamy in texture and has very small particles for the scrubbing purpose which is really nice and not harsh on the skin, it feels really good.  A small amount of the face wash can lather nicely all over the face. It also gives some scrubbing effect because of the small scrub particles, but I must say that this does not work as a real face scrub.

Now coming to the claims, it controls oil really well and for that reason, skin looks fresh and fairer also to some extent after the wash, but the effect vanishes after a few minutes, within 10 minutes actually.  So, the fairness claim is not so true. It prevents pimples to some extent.  It washes all the dirt and oil from the face and this way it helps to reduce the appearance of new breakouts. It also helps to get rid of small bumps on the faces.  As I mentioned before, it clears off excess oil from the skin, but the stretchy feeling goes within 5 minutes. Oily skinned beauties wouldn’t have any problem with this face wash, but those with dry skin would have some issue.  After using this face wash, I feel everyone should apply a thin layer of moisturizer on the skin.  It helps to get rid of that stretchy feeling and also it helps to hydrate the skin as well as making the skin youthful.


Pros of Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On Face Wash:

  • Clears excess oil and dirt from the face.
  • Makes skin fresh and bright.
  • Affordable.
  • Only a little amount is needed each time.
  • Lathers well.
  • Pleasant smell.


Cons of Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On Face Wash:

  • Fairness effect is not long lasting.
  • Makes skin really dry and stretchy.
  • Not suitable for very dry skin.

Will I Repurchase Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On Face Wash?

Yes, absolutely.

Final Verdict on Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On Face Wash:

This is a good face wash and it is affordable. Those who are suffering from pimple problems can try this, but dry skin beauties, please ignore this wash.

IMBB Rating:


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2 thoughts on “Fair and Lovely Pimple Off Fairness On Face Wash Review

  1. welcome to IMBB Puspita 🙂 Nice review..
    2 days back on my visit to supermart i was so tempted to pick this up but didn’t cuz i didn’t find review here..sounds like average product..but i may give it a chance this monsoon 🙂

    1. *thankyou* Anubhuti ..Yeah..Give it a try..You may like it also..btw what can we wish to get from such an affordable face wash rofl ..but it`s not so bad..average product.. *duh*

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