Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Cream Review

Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Cream

Hi Girls, here is my second review on The Very famous and widely used Product “Fair & Lovely”. If you are regularly using it then you definitely fall in love with it. Actually I was searching for the Review of Fair & Lovely on IMBB, I thought somebody must have already written but strange nobody has written about Fair & Lovely.

So I thought Let me have a privilege of writing on Fair & Lovely.

Actually Fair & Lovely is the first cosmetic product which I started using when I was in school (Strange No!!)

But I really appreciate the Fair & Lovely cream. It’s been so many years but the market for Fair & Lovely is not gone down yet.

I Just Love the Fragrance of Fair & Lovely. Today there are so many fairness products in market but as per my knowledge Fair & Lovely is the only product which is pretty old and has an experience of so many years.

There are 4 variants of Fair & lovely are available in the Market:

  • Fair & Lovely Multi vitamin
  • Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Cream
  • Fair & Lovely Anti Marks
  • Fair & Lovely Menz Active

Fair and Lovely Image Source

You can also use Fair & Lovely as a base of your makeup. (I always use Fair & Lovely as a base and then I apply the makeup which helps my makeup to stay for longer time.)

If you apply Fair & Lovely as a base before makeup then your makeup will last for hours. Even if you are sweating it does not show the sweat on your face.

Fair & Lovely is available in 80 gm, 50 gm, 25 gm & 9 gm (sachet) packs and it is easily available in any Medical shops also.

Now Fair & Lovely is also available for Men with a name Fair & Lovely Menz Active.( Shah rukh Khan is Advertising for this Cream … interesting No ???)

Everybody should know about the product history!

  • Fair & Lovely was launched in 1978 in India. (Pretty Old Product) Fair & Lovely is sold in over 30 countries worldwide. These include countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa.
  • Fair & Lovely does not contain Alcohol. All the oil & fat used in Fair & Lovely products are of vegetable or synthetic origin only. Fair & Lovely doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. All Fair & Lovely ingredients have been safety cleared and are all approved for cosmetic products as per local regulations.
  • All the ingredients used for the base are all widely used in personal care products globally and approved by agencies like the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) which work together to protect the skin from darkening and gently, safely lightening the skin.
  • Fair & Lovely also provides skin benefits in the form of improvement of skin texture and lightening of skin. This has been validated by other cosmetic manufacturers. (As per Fair & Lovely)

When to Use?

Fair & Lovely should be used 2 times a day preferably after washing the face so as to ensure that dirt, dust and grime are removed from the skin prior to applying the product.

What Fair & Lovely Says about their Products?

More than the benefits given by our technology/products are reversible (that is once the product application is discontinued), the consumer will revert back to their initial color/skin state within a few weeks. This is what makes our technology safe and unique.

The Fair & Lovely gets absorbed into the skin as soon as you rub it in gently. Fair & Lovely avoids leaving oily look. Fair & Lovely says that their products are suitable for all skin types and are not known to have any side effects.

Here are the photos of my Fair & Lovely Multi vitamin Cream

Fair & Lovely Sachet (Very easy to carry anywhere)

Fair and Lovely Scahet Before Applying Fair & Lovely Fair and Lovely Swatch What I Like about Fair & Lovely Products?

  • The most important: fragrance is too good.
  • You feel so soft after applying Fair & Lovely.
  • Fair & Lovely does not contain alcohol
  • Fair & Lovely has fewer side effects.

What I don’t like about Fair & Lovely Products?

Fair & Lovely says that their products are suitable for all skin types and are not known to have any side effects. But as per my experience it has no side effects if you are a using it regularly or once in a blue moon. One of my friend was using it regularly and when she stopped using it, she faced some pimple problems for a couple of days.

My suggestion to all the girls who are undergoing any special skin treatment is please consult skin specialist before using any fairness cream. I will definitely recommend Fair & Lovely for daily use.

Rating : :star: :star::star::star:

PS : MAC Art Supplies Collection is launching in India tomorrow. 🙂 – Rati


45 thoughts on “Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Cream Review

  1. i m sending the link to hubby darling
    he has used this one more than shah rukh khan or any other model ….
    he isnt fair although he is lovelly…
    its a staple in his daily care routine

    thanks for the review

  2. Oh happy it worked for u!!!
    bt i dont have much faith on Fair n lovely, i used it once or twice bt i personally didn’t like its texture,it found it v cakey n it seems like an artificial layer has covered my face.
    So F n L is not for me….

    Neways nice review Punam :-))

    1. Yes Sush it worked for me.
      i already mentioned in review dat if u r using it daily den u can see the difference very well.
      n thanks u for response.

  3. My granny swears by fair and lovely. Even at the age of 80 something she uses it. I never thought of using it because as as a kid I have always associated F&L as my “daadi ki cream”. I know quite a lot of people who love fair and lovely. Glad it works so well for you. 🙂

  4. the market for fairness products can never go down in countries like India which is still obsessed with the skin color of a person n not the quality of the skin 🙂

    I personally dont really like fair & lovely….havnt had a good experience with their cream

    Its great that it works soo well for you!!

  5. Hey Punam, very dtailed and well-written review… :yes: :yes:

    I have very dry skin, so F & L could never moisturise it… 🙁 I think it works for people with oily skin…. :-/ :-/

    Anyways, I was never into the fairness craze 😐 , so I always opted for heavier face creams like Ponds, Nivea etc. :-)) :-))

    So glad you found your HG face cream…. 😀 😀
    .-= Mrunmayee´s last blog ..Jovees Gold Eye Contour gel- Review =-.

  6. The best thing Fair & Lovely did was introduce a men’s line (I think the trend was started by Emami…) I don’t say so ’cause I prefer my men Fair and Handsome, but rather because it’s only fair (please no pun intended) that they too bear the brunt of society’s obsession with fair skin.

    I don’t want to rant here…so I took it to the forum.

    @ Punam… I really enjoyed reading your review. Everyone from my dadi to my youngest cousin swear by Fair & Lovely. They don’t get any lighter, but they do say it’s a great moisturizer and keeps pimples at bay!

  7. Very Detailed Review. In fact I have used Fair and Lovely when I wa in my 8th Std :-)) as per my teacher’s suggestion . I gave me very bad pimples and I stopped it then and there

  8. Hi Punam
    Great review :yes: :yes:
    I’ve been using Fair n lovely multi-vitamin for 3 years and its a great product for girls with oily skin……especially in winters when creams like Ponds , Nivea make oily skin look darker and greasier….Its my HG moisturiser for the winters!

  9. In modern world everything counts whether it is face, body, appearance or smartness. We men also have right to improve all above and if a cream like Fair and handsome Whitening Cream for Men is helping us to boost our confidence, then there is no harm in trying. Why hide from the fact?

  10. don’t these creams create the notion that more melanin equals less beauty..

    is this right?

    our epidermis is an organ.. and regardless of its color, it’s beautiful.. all shades, in their own way.

  11. Halloo I’m from indonesia… I’m interest of this cream…. But as I know I can’t find that cream here., anyone know where I can buy this cream ? Many thanks

  12. Fairness creams have started to appear in my country too lately (Romania, that is) and it’s very unusual to see them in the store counters. Not that I have anything against them, as some ppl do look better whiter, but it’s weird since my country has always been OBSESSED with tanning! The number of solar cabins and fake tanning was humongous and it was causing a lot of skin damage and disease… I admit that I was frequenting them also in a period, but I just didn’t like that orange type of look. I can say that I am happy to have olive skin already, but sometimes it was nice to see that glowing bronze on your skin! But as I said, everyone with its preferences! 🙂

    Just sharing! :rose:
    .-= Alexandra Z.´s last blog .. LOTN Oriental Beauty =-.

  13. The first time i used it was in in 11th class when i got very tanned and it worked really really well.. didnt cause any pimples and is really a great base for compact or powder. I think it is great for oily, pimple prone, combination skin. 🙂 Then later i shifted to the Ayurvedic version for many years.. worked fairly well and gave me nice color..Then i tried the Anti-Marks one and omg..my whole face broke out… I am not using Fair and Lovely any more cause lately it has been found out that especially teh Indian skin has MERCURY in it to give that glowing fairness… So didnt try it again..Although it was so good when i used it..Also a leading doctor told me that they use foetal extracts in Fair and Lovey… I think the stem cells or something is really good.. After all it is teh number one brand of cream in India.. :devil: for years..Hmm..Anybody know about it? Great work Rati..You are a pioneer truly.. :yes:

  14. @Alexandra. I am from Romania too, but I live in Germany (buna, ce faci? 🙂 I think fairness cream is as silly as fake tanning, which by the way I also did for many years. If you girls from India would have seen me and my friends lying in the sun for hours, slathered in tanning oil, hoping to get as dark as possible, you would have fainted. Unfortunately it was all in vain cos the tan would go in 1-2 months and I gave it up cos it gave me freckles. Anyway, my advice is, love your skin as it is, not all men like fair skin. My bf is Indian and he loves when I tan. Just rock your naturally sexy tan skin and be proud of it. Trust me, many people envy it in Europe.

    1. it works for me as well………….my face was full of acne blemish n scar…f & L cleared up evethin 🙂
      but i want to tell U ppl a very interesting n tru fact. Try F&L which India manufactures for middle east I meant lyk UAE, KSA. U’ll feel the difference instantly after one use 🙂

  15. The present day F&L is getting worse…they say that it would also remove acne now..but actually it is not the truth…now I feel it corrodes skin…after long use….

  16. hey

    i have got some pimples on ma face, i started using fair n lovely 2 dayz back, wil it work on me ? i hv a doubt 🙁

  17. I had got pimples on my face after using Fair and lovely ..and can find my skin turning darker rather than improving.

  18. I think dry skin people can use fair and lovely winter fairness it moisturises the skin n can also b used in summers . The multivitamin is not suitable for dry skin.

  19. heyyyyyy today is ma first time visting hera! but i have been using fair and lovely multivitamin cream. pls do a review on it 4 me pls! thx a bunch!!! :happydance:

  20. ultimately it is a matter of envying others no..:P…indians want fair skin and europeans are obsessed with tan…me personally think i would be a greta beauty by european standards …what with my tanned arms and thick lips..:)..rofl…but on a serious note…fairness creams can never make anyone fair…genetic melanin content cant be changed…however tans can be removed….

  21. I am disappointed with fair and lovely herbal or ayurvedic. Why this product was changed i have no idea but its now raining havoc on my face after i have used it for years. Can we get the original product back?

  22. I just begun using fair and lovely (the pink box)about 4 days now. and gosh, my face is messed with rash and pimple. should i discontinue to use or give my self some few more time? am worried….

  23. I wanna know if fair and lovely brings back your natural skin color for eg. gets rid of your tan? but doesnt make u fairer than your natural skin color which is untanned?

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