False Eyelashes- Application, Removal & Storage

false eyelashes
false eyelashes

How to Apply False Eyelashes

1) Before applying false eyelashes you should curl your natural eyelashes and apply mascara. This will allow your own eyelashes and false eyelashes to blend properly. Also make sure your eyelids are oil-free as the glue will not stick to oily eyelids.

2) Next bend the false eyelashes holding both ends of the eyelashes using the tips of your finger in the curved way just like how it will be placed on the eyes and then roll them from one side to another. This will help the false eyelashes maintain its curvature. Then measure the eyelashes just by placing on your eyelid and trim the width and length to suit your needs. Always trim from the outer edge of the false eyelashes that too one or two lash at a time & test again to see if it’s the right fit.

3) Next squeeze the eyelash glue either on some surface like your hand or a paper and run the eyelash along it. Don’t apply the glue directly on the eyelash or you will run the risk of over squeezing. Apply an extra layer to the ends of the false eyelashes as this is where they are most likely to come off. Let your glue dry little bit and get tacky for 30 seconds.

false eyelashes care
false eyelashes care

4) Then using your fingers, tweezers or eyelash applicator, apply the eyelashes close to upper lash line without actually putting any glue on your eyelashes. Press down the lashes gently and adjust them. Once lashes are fully dried curl your lashes again to blend them together.

5) Fill any gaps between the false lashes and your natural lash line with liquid eyeliner and conceal the glue this way.

How to remove false eyelashes

1) Never remove it by tugging or else you might end up pulling off your real lashes. Go gentle on those fake eye lashes and handle them as though they could be real.

2) Dab a cotton ball with eye makeup remover on your lash line. Start applying from the outer edge inwards. Soak it for a few seconds in order to soften the adhesive glue.

3) The outer side will start coming off. Holding that outer edge gently peel off the entire strip.

4) Remove all traces of eyelash glue from your eyelid as well as the lashes using the makeup remover.

5) Also a mixture of soap & water, olive oil or coconut oil can be used to loosen the glue.

Cleaning & Storage of False Eyelashes

1) Once removing the glue after application, soak them in either soap & water or eye makeup remover so the lashes will be clean of any mascara or extra glue left.

2) Use a brush and gently clean between the lashes.

3) Dry them completely and store them back in their original container in the curved way by applying glue on both the ends of the lashes to maintain the longevity & curvature of the eyelashes.


40 thoughts on “False Eyelashes- Application, Removal & Storage

  1. Uhoh – would be great if the cleaning would be that easy 😛 😛 :X-P:
    I use latex-containing glue, little bit more difficult to clean. :-* :-*

      1. Not really stronger but the latex contained suits better with skin in general.
        So cleaning them is a little bit tricky because of the latex. I will add the information to one of my next posts and explain the procedure (details etc.) :-))

    1. MAC has falsies and their falsies are really good but I don´t know if you want spend a lot of money on faux lashes because the MAC´s are quite expensive. Do you have Sephora in India? They offer faux lashes from different brands. I don´t know if you have Claire´s in India… they offer a lot of different fauxies for a very fair prize.

    2. Yeh claire’s & Nyx have amazing collection of lashes at a reasonable price. If you are a beginner I wouldn’t really recommend you to splurge on MAC lashes. It’s better you practice on drugstore brands then move on to higher ones once you get the grip 🙂

  2. You know yesterday I found a teeny brush by colgate that is mainly used for cleaning in between your teeth. It;s so teeny meeny, I am thinking of using it to clean false lashes also. 😛 😛

    Honestly, I am a little scared of applying false eyelashes. 🙁 I have had bad experience with them in past and now I am scared. 😐 😐

    1. awww Rati I know I have had bad makeup experiences so many times. but honestly its not that hard also. you just need to keep practising and then you get it right. you know initially I started off by using disposable eyelashes which already had the glue and all so it was pretty easy. Then I started using proper lashes. I feel so pround now 😀

  3. we were doing this eyelash demo during classes . We used to work in partners. So this girl had applied false lashes on my eyes and while removing she forgot to apply oil on my eyes. She just pulled them out. My eyelid skin got peeled off a little.It was quite painful for next few days. Now I am just very scared. :((

  4. Rati! It must have been so painful na :hugright: :hugleft: ! I think Sanjeev might have been really pissed about it! You’ll never forget that girl & she too will not!

  5. Great Lord, this sounds scary :pain: :pain:

    What kind of glue did you use??
    When you visit the MAC store next time pick up their DUO glue.
    It containes latex and due to this fact the false lashes are very easy to remove (when you remove them you can feel the little bit elastique texture while pulling). You do not need any oil for it – I mean, if you want to use oil, just do it but you don´t have to :-))
    Plus: Very comfortable wearing of falsies with this glue.

  6. You really, REALLY don´t have to be scared; I never heard anybody had problems with DUO glue :-)) The info “their glue” was not true, DUO glue is not a MAC product but an American International Industries prodcut. It´s the only glue offered (and used) at MAC stores/counters so far, they do not offer any other glue. You should give it a try… maybe you can apply the falsies on the back of your hand first, just so see how easy it works :-* :-* :-*

    Ingredients of DUO glue:
    Rubber Latex, Water, Ammonium Hydroxide and Formalin (Methanamine), Fragrance, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate.
    Info printed on product box: ” This product contains latex or other natural rubber proteins”,

    1. ups, forgot to reply on the Lashes :silly:
      I guess the No 4 are one of their most popular lashes and yes, I tried them 🙂
      The No 19 are very nice at lenghtening effect :-))

  7. @ tatjana : mann your intelligent! i mean you got so much of information in there!
    :-)) hmm lucky to know IMBB! n to read your intelligent comments! :inlove:

    1. Thank you, radhika :-* :-*

      Well, 27 years as a beautyjunkie 😛 😛 😛 😀
      and 15 yrs as a Consultant for strategy and brands…
      There were some cosmetic brands among the clients, too. But usually I do not talk about that on boards or blogs because posting here is my private fun and I only recommend products I am really impressed of, not: worked for. Sic: I do no hidden advertising, never. When it comes to blogging or board posts it´s all about being objective – means: being fair.

    1. I valued your opinions much and that’s why I asked you.. visited back several times to see if my comment is moderated and replied to. Been waiting to try a pair using Bindi gum, until you replied.. Finally it’s moderated but no reply!.. Thanks for nothing..

      1. Hi Naznin , IMBB values your comments and trust your showed for this advice.
        I wouldn’t suggest you using a Bindi gum. The lash adhesives are meant for lashes and the delicate skin of the lid. Kindly invest in a good lash glue , it will last you months.
        you may lose some of your precious eye lashes to that bindi gum. basically it isn’t meant for eyelash bands and that delicate skin.

        Have a great day. 🙂

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