10 Famous Bollywood Stars Who Adopted Their Kids

Adoption rate in India is still low, but some Bollywood celebs have shown the right way by adopting kids and giving them a new life. All such stars have made us proud and earned our respect even more. Some celebs have opted to be single parents to their kids while in some other cases, both the partners together took the step to adopt a kid. Read on further to know who these amazing Bollywood stars:

1. Sushmita Sen: Whenever we talk about adoption and Bollywood, Sushmita Sen is the first celeb who actually took this decision. In fact, she opted to be a single mother and raise kids on her own. Rene was the first girl whom she adopted and then she also brought home Alisah into the family.

sushmita sen

2. Salim Khan: Salim Khan had adopted Arpita Khan and she is the youngest in the Khan family.

salim khan

3. Sunny Leone: Sunny Leone made us all proud when she and her husband, Daniel Weber, did the most beautiful thing by adopting 21-month-old baby girl Nisha. She has also maintained that Nisha is the most wonderful thing that has happened to them.

sunny leone

4. Raveena Tandon: Raveena Tandon was at the peak of her career when she decided to adopt two girls, at the age of 21. Her husband, Anil Thadani, also accepted her with her two adopted kids and now Anil-Raveena have their own kids too.

raveena tandon

5. Sandip Soparrkar: Sandip is a famous choreographer from Bollywood and had to struggle a lot before he could adopt his son because as a single father, not many were ready to give him the custody. He has been raising the kid as a single father now.

sandeep soparrkar

6. Gurmeet-Debina: Gurmeet-Debina were married since long and did not have kids for years. Rather than having their own kids, they took this great step and adopted twin girls in 2017. The snaps are yet to be released.

debina gurmeet

7. Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij: Jay and Mahhi have been in the news these days as they became parents to baby girl Tara Bhanushali recently. But before that, the couple adopted their caretaker’s kid, a girl and a boy and decided to raise them as their own.

jay mahhi

8. Preity Zinta: Preity Zinta has also adopted many girls, in fact 34 orphan girls. She has not taken the custody but sponsored their shelter, education and daily needs as well. Preity Zinta often visits them but she has done a beautiful thing giving new life to 34 girls.

preity zinta

9. Mithun Chakraborty: Mithun came to know about the story of a girl who was left on the road by her parents. He took no time in adopting her and he and his wife Yogita raised the little girl as their own and she lives happily with her parents who raised her.

mithun chakraborty

10. Samir Soni and Neelam Kothari: Neelam Kothari married Sameer Soni in 2011 and later, rather than having their own children, they adopted a girl. Ahana is their daughter’s name and she lives happily with both her parents.

neelam sameer

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