Famous by Sue Moxley Merged Eyeshadow (shade 2)

Famous by Sue Moxley Merged Eyeshadow

famous sue moxley merged eyeshadow
I am thrilled to share another jewel from UK haul treasure, a fabulous eyeshadow by a brand called famous by sue moxley. The brand has some great baked stuff as well. Merged shadow from one what I understand is a mainly one color with a mix of some other shades interwoven in the shadow and merged together. So when I swipe it across different areas of the shadow, it would give me a little different shade as opposed to one single shade like other shadows. (please correct me if im wrong)

famous sue moxley
Sue Moxley is an English television presenter, fashion model and beauty editor, and a singer. In November 2007 she launched her own makeup brand called Famous by Sue Moxley, which is available, nationwide in Superdrug stores. (info from Wikipedia)

Available only at Superdrug, UK

Before I went to superdrug I had never known about these beauties and the MUA eyeshadow as well. When I see now, these two eyeshadows are the only things that make me want to go back so superdrug. Unfortunately I could not spot this on the superdurg website when i wanted to order more online. MUA is of course available but then I’m even more in love with this brand eyeshadows. I cannot explain in words the pretty colors they had in the store and I went on trying the testers and picked some three only. The colors were smooth and the smoky ones were gorgeous. I did not have any merged eyeshadow and hence I got this one thinking this color is in the brown family and not too much of a risk to be worn or even chucked out. But now I am in love with this eyeshadow.
sue moxley swatch

About Famous by Sue Moxley Merged Eyeshadow

This shade two is a merge of white, beige, brown and taupe kind of color with metallic finish and the sheen to it is outstanding. The shadow is very very smooth, easy to work with, very pigmented, shows up a lot on the lid so to be used very little and very gorgeous. The only catch here is that it has silver glitter. I thought the glitter perhaps would be only in a certain shade of the shadow but no, its interwoven all over the shadow and not just on the surface. The glitter is definitely more concentrated in the white part of the shadow and this chunky glitter makes the surface a little gritty. But when you see the swatch, you can not make out the glitter as being very chunky or shiny or gritty. Its when you blend it into the lid that the glitter chunks show up and a couple of them fall on the lashes as well. The glitter is very shiny as in it twinkles on contact with light so that was one thing that made it usable for only night time and parties. The staying power is good four hours on my very oily lids without a primer. It does not set or dry though. But honestly, just this one time, the glitter is not looking bad at all as the colors are so pretty that even the silver glitter looks gorgeous and instantly brightens the eye. Perhaps this is only glitter shadow that I have and I am not disappointed at this addition. Now if you very carefully try to use the color on the brown area of the shadow without mush glitter, I think the shadow then comes up only as high shine metallic and not at all glittery. And so you can use the certain colors for different occasions. The shadow and the quality is just fantastic!
Last word:
Just this one time even glitter is not bad, the shade is gorgeous when used over the entire surface area or just one color is picked up carefully. The glitter actually brightens up the eye.but many of you may hate the chunky glitter imo.when we bledn it in even more glitter shows up so I would rather it pat it on some primer rather than blend it in. It is this famous by sue moxley brand that I want to go to superdrug again and almost everything from it and not just the eyshadows and perhaps some of the MUA shadows too.add it to your UK list immediately and don’t miss out on this brand.if you have a superdrug closeby, run to it now!these and other stuff by famous are indeed top quality and a steal at the price they are on offer! I have a couple more pearl finish shadows by famous too which I will review soon for the non-glitter lovers.its my diwali time shadow of now! brilliant stuff!

Rating: 4 on 5 (minus point for the glitter which makes it usable only for evening and occasions)

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