Some Fantastic Finds from IMBB

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Aruna sent this cute and useful email for us:

Hi All, Here are some wonderful products I have picked up after reading the suggestions/reviews on IMBB.

My absolute favourites–
White eyeliner pencil – awesome buy..Big Thanks to Parita for the recommendation
Neutrogena Night cream – had done a search on IMBB and came across this..
Khadi rose water
Bourjois blush – tomette
Deepika Designs jewelry
NYX eyeshadow base in Pearl
Maybelline watershine lipsticks
Coral lipstick – never thought I could get away wearing a coral colored lipstick
Matrix hair serum

Besides all the products above also many thanks for the wonderful tips that I have received on application of these products..especially the eyeliner..mmuuaaahhhhh to all..appreciate it very much!!!

Do write in your favorite purchases after reading them on IMBB..

Makeup Haul Based on IMBB Recommendations
My Haul based on IMBB Recommendations
Makeup and Beauty Haul Based on IMBB Recommendations
My Small Makeup Haul based on IMBB Recommendations
Makeup & Beauty Haul Based on IMBB Recommendations


82 thoughts on “Some Fantastic Finds from IMBB

  1. Aruna yay……I have loads and loads of stuff from IMBB that I have put to use……I should jot down the list as well……:)

  2. wow….such a cute pic aruna:-)

    my list is this…mac lipstick, tbs shampoo and rainforest conditioner ,lakme foundation

    thanks to imbb girls:-)

    my wishlist is… few lush products,inglot and chanel lipstick:-))

    1. oh yes I did forget to add Lush in he list. Thanks for the reminder. I love love love Lush. Its THE Bets face pack i have ever used.

  3. sorry forgot to add this…thanks to imbb girls for the g8 review..i love all the above products..mac and tbs are the best purchase ever in my life…kudos to ur team:-)

  4. aawww thats such a cute email Aruna and a big thank you to you too!!!
    M so glad you are finding the reviews helpful.. 🙂
    I had loads of stuff which I bought only after seeing them on IMBB 🙂

    1. 🙂 that white eyeliner pencil did brighten up my eye instantly. been working a little too hard the past few days and inspite of the concealer and the black eyeliner pencil imy eyes looked really tired but the white eyeliner pencil did the trick 🙂

  5. Oh my God! Aruna. This is so true about most of us IMBB addicts. 🙂
    I too bought a lot of products after seeing them here. IMBB has re-awakened my lost love for makeup and importantly skin care. Due to tight schedule at office and home I had started neglecting so much that I was just a moisturiser-sunscreen-lipbalm girl. IMBB reminded me of how I used to have a lovely skin in my college days and I promised myself to never neglect my skin ever again.
    I can never thank Rati and Sanjeev enough to bring up IMBB. This is such a super guide right from skincare, makeup, fashion, everything. 🙂
    I am dying to write a review on quite a few products I used, but not getting time. I should do it coming weekend. That would be a way for a small thank you for everyone.:)

    1. Thank you Ashu, but the biggest thanks should go to IMBB readers only; everyone here is helping each other out. It is so amazing how much you guys know and equally heart-warming that you are ready to share it with others. 🙂

      1. Thank you Sanjeev ji for the kind reply. 🙂 I am glad that I am getting help and also share the experience I have on various articles’ comments. I am really going to send a few reviews soon. 🙂

      2. and thanks to you guys for providing us that platform to share our opinions, suggestions, thoughts not only on products but lots of tings tat affect us in general.

    2. Here is the list of my buys from IMBB-
      1. Lotus kajal. This was the product that led me to discover IMBB and I am hooked eversince.
      2. Aromamagic- Lavender EO, under eye gel. I also purchased the under eye cream for my mom and she is loving it.
      3. nivea – fuity shine guava lipbalm.
      4. FabIndia – Almond oil, moisturiser, lemon hand cream, avocado foot cream, facial sprays.
      5. Lotus herbals – SPF50, anti acne gel, nail paints. The spf40 and lip therapy have been with me since ages.
      6. Cetpahil – cleanser and moisturiser. and I am so loving them.
      7. Faces – lipstick.

        1. Thanks Jomol. I loved your Cannes festival posts.
          My husband was shocked to see so much of shopping which I did in a span of 2-3 weeks.
          He was like – “are you alright? From where did this sudden surge of shopping came?” And I replied – abhi to yeh shuruat hai… agey agey dekho kya kya shopping hota hai.
          Now that he has recovered from the shopping of these basics, I think he is prepared when I bring home Chanel, MAC and the likes… 😛

          1. he he I know. You are one ofthe senior members here no… I am new new here no, so in the phase of shocking my folks now.
            I feel like I know you, Rati, Aruna, Neha, and so many others since a long time. Though you guys dont know me of course.

  6. Almost all the products i use are based on IMBB reviews/suggestions: and here it goes
    Lipsticks – Lotus peach creme, Maybelline My Mahogany
    Lip Balm – Maybelline, Lip ice
    Eyeliner – Maybelline Gel liner and Lakme liquid liner
    Face wash – Dove
    Moisturizer – Olay (jomol review) and then Lacto Calamine
    Scrub – Nivea visage (reviewed in EMBB)
    Serum – Loreal Total repair and Matrix

  7. Thanks Aruna for sharing your thoughts, I am also learning a lot everyday from IMBB, just could not gather the courage to sit down and write a mail saying “Thanks to Rati Sanjeevji and the hard working team of IMBB”

    1. my pleasure Rashmita..these guys are really cool to say the least..FB actually comes a second after IMBB. i used to terribly addicted to FB and while i still am IMBB actually tops my list of the websites I surf..

  8. Short & sweet mail Aruna..and the pic looks super cute 🙂
    Untill I came across IMBB,the brands i knew were Lakme,Maybeline,colorbar, I can name a few more..:)
    Thanks to all the lovely girls 🙂

    1. EXACTLY!! even i knew only the usual brands like lakme and all..Faces, Inglot, MUFE and all I came to know only after being part of IMBB..(cute pic is courtesy IMBB..they can make a simple article also look so cute..haha)

    2. How true Rama. I always thought that Chanel was into perfumes. I never knew that had makeup products and other range as well… 🙂
      and me too only knew of Lakme, revlon, etc. I feel I so much wasted my UK official trip because I never bought any makeup stuff from there and was happy buying perfumes from Chanel, Elizabeth Arden, Issay Miyake, David Offs and so many others. Missing ‘headbang’ smiley here… 🙂 I wish I get to go soon and will bring truckloads of stuff from there…

      1. Ashu..same pich..i was also thinking Channel and Elizabth arden are only into perfumes..I’m happy i’ve gained so much gyaan now.. 🙂

        1. he he… ya right. I am also glad I came to know so much. I have a cousin who is in her sixteen-seventeens. I recently visited her and I gave her a lot of gyaan on skin care, etc. Suggested her some budget stuff and skin care regime as per her skin type. she was so delighted to know that she kept throwing more and more queries which I was glad I could answer them all. It feels good that the knowledge on IMBB I get, I can share it with my near and dear ones too. 🙂

  9. i am actually eyeing on that bourjois blush Aruna 😀 the pic is super cute too .. 😀
    but khadi rose water didn’t work on my combination-dry skin..felt like water 🙁 hope it turns out good for you !
    btw, i saw your comment on my lush caca review..had been trying to contact ..but didn’t know your mail id/ fb.
    Sad that it didn’t work for you ! That block lasted me upto April this year ! I didn’t mix any egg, yogurt etc or any thing of that sort.May be the outcome depends on the hair type too.. I have moderately thick hair, bit curly and previous use with regular henna made my natural hair color very light! My hair now is chocolate brown to mahogany !
    Just yesterday i bought another block of brun and for a bit of experiment also got marron ! mixed them in equal proportion and its right now sitting on my head !

    1. the coco brun didnt work as well as it shoud have. thats probably what i shud have said. it did give me color for sure but it was a little too pricey for me just to have the slight color in the hair..also i kept getting worried that I wasnt using it within the 3 months they had told me so it was added pressure..:)

      do tell us how the experiment worked. maybe some time later in future I can try it again 🙂

      1. 3 months ??? !!! :O
        they have a shelf life of 14 months i guess 😐
        but true that..its a luxury buy ! but am way to scared with other hair colors…i had a bad experience with garnier ..and that caused so much of hair fall.

        1. no wonder!!!!!! i kept thnking 1 month for the face pack and 3 months for the hair thing..14 months is indeed a long time. i will do the mixing of colors the next i am feeling terrible i gave the coco brun away..eeeeshhhh..

  10. I am not much into makeup, so haven’t purchsed anything yet. I am sure, the day I set to learn on makeup, I will start from chapter(post) 1 of IMBB:) and do the purchasing accordingly.

    Anyways, do not want to miss the opportunity to tell that IMBB gve me some really good friends. Girls here have amazing attitude! IMBB is a stud!

    1. 🙂 would be great to start with simpler things like lip balms and hand creams so while they are not exactly makeup it will certainly help you to start off..:) (look at me trying to spoil you already..hahha)

  11. The day i got addicted to IMBB…….my expenses got doubled for make up & skin care products 😉 (But i don’t mind this 😛 ) and despite of not being a makeup person i now go specifically for makeup shopping

    and from that day all the products i use are based on IMBB reviews/suggestions…. and the list goes on:

    1. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish ..yummmm is the word to describe it (Thank you Rati for this ……also because I have dry skin type like you I totally adore your each & every suggestion)

    2. Fab India Rose Geranium Face and Body Gel Scrub
    3. Fab India Rose Water Spray
    4. Fab India Plum Passion Lip Butter & Lip Ice/ VLCC mango Lip Balm
    5. TBS Rainforest Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
    6. Enliven Conditioner
    7. Maybelline WaterShine Lipstick
    8. Colobar Compacts, Nail paints & Lipsticks (I ordered Obsessed Orange from Colorbar yesterday after review on IMBB)
    9. the list goes on……… & on…..& on 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. hahha..I hear you loud and clear!! 🙂 ya the list for a lot of us does go on and I am reading all your posts I am thinking of more stuff that i bought after reading on IMBB for e.g the TBS lip balm thing in that purple color..thats really nice especially for office.

      1. ya my list is like “To be Continued” 😉 …..also 1 more product i forgot to share KAMA MRIDUL SOAP FREE CLEANSER ……. purchased after reading Rati’s review is loving it….it helped my uneven skin tone and it is a must have for me now 😛

  12. my list is very big ..but i mentioned here some of my most favourites
    Revlon lipstick – peach & blush
    lotus herbal nail paints
    tbs seaweed face wash,body butter & shower gel
    loreal uv perfect
    nyx lip creame & blushes
    colourbar matt lipsticks & blushes …& soooo many more thanks to IMBB 🙂

  13. So right Aruna.. IMBB was the first beauty blog i started reading..All those years of reading fashion magazines didnt do any help.. I didnt know the “how to” part or the pros and cons of each brand..Now when I read the same mags I am surprised how much i know…This site helped me to branch out n explore n read so much online..I used to do makeup for some friends for functions but after reading IMBB i realized how little i knew!!!!! I didnt know foundation could be applied with brush, I thought primer was something to paint walls with..I used to walk by Lush store cause i had no idea what the hell they were selling…Greatest help has been with eyeshadow application..
    Thanks IMBB

  14. Really sweet post aruna. :)) I myself go back to the posts when I have to purchase stuff. I love IMBB. 😀 loll!!! You guys have been really kind and supportive through out. So thanks a ton, always. 🙂

    1. my pleasure Rati. Thanks for putting up this post. I didnt realize when I wrote it that I would get such a wonderful feedback from all..made my day!!!

  15. I am still not back in my work mode yet. delhi is suddenly too hot for my liking. I am missing the idlis so badly. Still settling in. holidays spoil you. 😛

  16. imbb is wht hooked me back again to makeup!after i quit flying i dint wanna wear makeup as i was so sick of it … one day while surfing the net in a slack period at office i came across imbb n thot i shud start again considering im fully trained in makeup!so started my love affair with mac paaint pots and eyeshadows n inglot shadows!!!n now my in laws call me their resident makeup artist !i always had a steady hand n then my moves were well practised in ten yrs of being an airhostess!lbut imbb rekindled my love affair with makeup!thanks all u guys

    1. it is truly a love affair that my husband will not mind at all.. i am sure a lot of us will agree that IMBB is more than just makeup..such positive vibes from everyone..

      1. yep i husband is like u have two drawers full of makeup how much more????we met when i was flying… he is a pilot and i was a cabin crew… n hes like u never had so much before .. what happend now??? lol!

  17. IMBB has given me greateshtttttt, lovelieshttttt, awesomeshtttt buddies like Rati, Jomolay, heer , neha , jinal 🙂 *yay*
    apart from all the products that I have purchased after reading the revus here 🙂

  18. Such a sweet and cute post Aru.. Even i stumbled upon this site randomly when i was surfing one day.. Such an awesome blog.. I’ve learnt so so many things from IMBB..
    Some of my treasured finds from IMBB are: Lotus sunscreen gel, Nivea toner, TBS face mist, lush conditioners, Coral lipsticks (as aru mentioned :)), Cetaphil cleansing lotion, Lacto calamine, wide variety of tinted lipbalms, maybelline colossal kajal.. I can just go on n on….
    Thank you Sanjeev, Rati, Jomol and every girl who genuinely rates a product.. I somehow feel i already know u all.. Big hug!

  19. I had purchased 11-12 lipsticks from various brands like colorbar, faces, lotus, streetwear, maybeliene. thanks to neha for it 😉
    Khadi conditioner and scrub, biotique papaya scrub, TBS strawberry Body Polish
    Eye shadow pallettes from lotus and nyx,
    Freemen Masks
    Maybeliene compact, lotus foundaion
    Coloroma Nail paints – I own 7 of them 🙂
    Lotus anti tan scrub and the list is going on and on……..

    thnks to imbbians for helping me choosing the right stuff and so many great DIYs. long live IMBB

  20. Really cute post aruna… i came across imbb while i was surfing at office during my free time and got hooked on to it.. now before buying products i check reviews at IMBB first and then decide to buy 🙂 :).. Thank you Rati and gang who brought this fabulous blog to us.. a medium where we can share our thoughts , likes about makeup 🙂

  21. I have become such an addict to IMBB that everyday i use to surf and see whats new. I have mentioned my list of purchases but they went into modetation 🙁 🙁 ..anyway i am so happy that i found imbb on one boring afternun..

  22. 1) Lotus 3 in 1 sunscreen
    2) Cetaphil cleanser
    3) Vega eyelash curler (he he i never knew one such thing exits b4 coming to IMBB)
    4) gave me the courage to sport coloured liners (I have streetwear blue one)
    Apart from that I have ordered a loccitane(never b4 heard abt this brand, even i learnt hw to pronounce it here) solid perfume and watershine lipstick from maybelline.

    Got introduced to may cool online shopping sites Love you IMBB

  23. IMBB gave me more “Awareness”…!! Made me more regular & conscious @ my Beauty Regimen. I used to be into self-pampering only before parties & it has become more frequent & results are showing too *blush blush*. And lovely interaction & xchange of ideas we get here are worth getting mention… 🙂

  24. My list has these – TBS Shampoo, Lotus serum, L’oocitane products, Elf mineral range and lippies hunt is still on….A BIG THANKS to all the wonderful people here for sharing and writing 🙂 🙂 And as I say always – IMBB rocks 😎 😎 😎 😎

  25. I love DIY tips from IMBB.:)..My favorite being Vitamin C serum..No other cream/face pack made this visible difference to my skin..Thanks for the tips everyone 🙂

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