17 Fantastic Ways To Make Waxing Less Painful

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Waxing is the easiest way to get smooth and soft skin, but women who have sensitive skin tend to have low threshold to pain and end up experiencing painful bouts during waxing and adverse reactions to waxing. In this post, we have listed down 17 fantastic ways to make waxing less painful. Though other methods of unwanted hair removal can result in ingrown hair and shaving can sometimes result in infections and skin irritation, waxing has relatively lesser side effects and the results last for quite longer. That’s the reason why waxing is the most preferred method of hair removal for a majority of women. Waxing also makes hair growth slower and you would be hair free for a long period of time. In this post, we take you through 17 fantastic ways to make waxing less painful.

Fantastic Ways To Make Waxing Less Painful

Which Wax is Better – Hot Wax or Wax Strips?
Cold wax strips are convenient and easy to use, but they are not very effective in remove body hair. Hot wax is a bit messy, time consuming, but it ensures that your skin is hair free and smooth at the end of the waxing session. Hot wax is definitely better than wax strips.

Tips for Waxing:

  • Always go to a trained aesthetician or beautician for your waxing session if you are not doing waxing on your own. With a trained personnel, your waxing session would be less painful.
  • Ensure that there are no injuries or bruises on the skin. Hot wax and the whole process may further aggravate skin issues.
  • Use an exfoliation serum or scrub.
  • Do not apply scalding hot wax on the skin, wait for it to cool down to a bearable temperature and only then apply it on to the skin.
  • Do not wax short hair, let it grow to one quarter of an inch before waxing.
  • Avoid waxing when on your periods because your body is sensitive at this time and waxing might be a lot of painful during this time than other times.
  • After waxing, avoid soap, tight clothing, direct sun exposure.

17 Fantastic Ways To Make Waxing Less Painful:

  • Exfoliate skin prior to waxing to remove dead skin cells so that pulling off the hair from follicles is much easier and less painful.
  • Always communicate with the beautician. As you speak, you would feel comfortable about the whole process.
  • Always remember to relax yourself before the waxing session. Listening to music or reading your favorite book will help you divert your mind from the pain associated with waxing.
  • If you have extremely low threshold to pain, a numbing cream applied to the skin would greatly help you to ease out the pain.
  • Do not wax when your hair is too long or too short, both would be painful. Just a quarter inch of hair growth is the ideal size. Trim the hair to the desirable length if its long or else wait for the hair to grow out if its too short.
  • Sprinkle talcum powder on the skin to be waxed to get rid of the oiliness and greasiness so that the wax adheres better to the skin and the hair gets pulled out completely from the skin.
  • Do not apply moisturizer, body lotion, body oil because wax will not adhere properly to the skin.
  • Wax small patches of skin first.
  • Do not apply the wax when it’s too hot on the skin, wait for it to cool down considerably.
  • Apply medium layer of wax on the skin because thick layer or thin layer would not help pull the hair out and it would be quite painful to do so.
  • Always apply wax towards the direction of hair growth and pull it on the opposite direction of hair growth. When wax gets pulled from the same direction as hair growth, it might not remove hair from its root, just at the surface level, resulting in pain and ingrown hair.
  • Hold your skin really taut and tight and stretch it so that while pulling the hair, you would feel less pain.
  • Pull of the wax quickly and in a swift motion. Pulling it out slowly will only heighten up the pain level.
  • Apply a cooling lotion on the skin.
  • Rub ice cubes on freshly waxed skin in circular motion to alleviate pain.
  • Always apply cool aloe vera gel immediately after waxing to reduce any irritation or burning sensation after waxing. Aloe vera works magically to clear skin issues, pain, and irritation that might result from the waxing.
  • If you feel any burning sensation after the waxing session, cold compress would be a great idea to alleviate the pain.
  • If waxing gets unbearable, it would be a good idea to gulp down an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Remember, a little pain is expected when there’s waxing involved, but then the feel of your smooth and soft skin would make it totally worth it.

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