Fashion and Beauty Tips to Look Your Stunning Best during Durga Puja

Plus, Special Glimpses of Durga Puja

Greetings beauties.

“You can take a bong out of Bengal, but you can never take out Bengal from a bong’s heart!”

And most of you must be well aware of what a grand celebration we Bengalis have for Durga Puja. The few days of massive festivities that Bengal has, surpasses the grandeur and opulence of every other festival across the country. Food, fashion, beauty, people from every aspect of life become vibrant and radiate the enthusiasm of this occasion. Today I am sharing a few fashion and beauty tips to look your stunning best during Durga Puja.

Fashion and Beauty Tips to Look Your Stunning Best during Durga Puja4

• Kohl Rimmed Eyes

Fashion and Beauty Tips to Look Your Stunning Best during Durga Puja3

Bengali girls are famed for their beautiful eyes. Take up your beauty another notch higher with perfectly kohl rimmed eyes. If you are expert enough, create a smoldering smokey eye look that can catch the attention of all the cute guys out there. ;). Do consult IMBB for the smokey eye tutorials.

rati beauty ad

• Soft Shades for The Day

No matter how much you might want to create an impression, stay away from dazzling ruby red on Ashtami morning. Wear nude colors that works for your skin tone or a coral-pink shade which reflects your inner Goddess.

Rani Mukherjee at Durga puja at Santacruz

• Go Bold for The Night Out

You must have plans for the whole night pandal hopping. Right? Reserve your bold lippies for evenings and nights where you can create major lip drama. Colors like red, mauve and berry would aid in creating statement lips.

• Jewel Tones

This is Durga Puja, and you simply should not miss the chance to flaunt emerald and turquoise eye liners, golden eye shadow and metallic colors. However, make sure your makeup is coordinated.

• Shimmer Saga

Fashion and Beauty Tips to Look Your Stunning Best during Durga Puja2

You want some drool-worthy pics for Instagram; should you go for OTT shimmery makeup? Absolutely not! Balance shimmery looks focusing on one aspect (either eyes or cheeks or lips), or otherwise you might end up looking like a disco ball.

• Waterproof Makeup

Makeup wise, choose waterproof products. Surely as an IMBBan it wouldn’t be a difficulty. Waterproof makeup ensures that come rain or shine, you are ready to rock.

• Use Products as per Your Skin Type

Not all products are meant for everyone. Find your HG products according to your individual skin type and concerns, and stick to those. Don’t experiment now.

Fashion and Beauty Tips to Look Your Stunning Best during Durga Puja5

• Skin Care Routine

Do not overlook the CTM routine, every IMBBan swears by it. Also, do not go to bed with your makeup on, however log tired you are. It is a cardinal sin.

• Accessorize it Right

With your newest outfits, choose complementary accessories. Your accessories speak volumes about your personality and fashion sense. If in doubt, take a cue out from Rati mam’s lookbook.

• A Hairy Tale

Fashion and Beauty Tips to Look Your Stunning Best during Durga Puja

Properly done hair can save the hassles of frequent combing before photoshoots. Keep your mane clean and conditioned and try out simple hairstyles to change your look every day.

• Don’t Compromise on Comfort

Most importantly, your comfort should be your priority. Ditch your heels for flats if that suits you, don’t overlook your problem areas while trying to dress up. Enhance and play up on your assets.

I thought of sharing a few Durga Puja pics (clicked by my sister cum friend Debolina) with the IMBB beauties that capture the quintessential spirit of life in Kolkata during this time. The city is at her glorious best during this time with the myriad hues dotting every nook and cranny of the city, sounds of dhaak (a musical instrument) echoing across the lanes and streets and the sweet fragrance of shiuli flowers welcoming Durga Maa. There is no way you can be immune to the joyous chaos and ecstasy of the city.

Glimpses of Durga Puja4

Glimpses of Durga Puja

Glimpses of Durga Puja2

Glimpses of Durga Puja3

Glimpses of Durga Puja1

Glimpses of Durga Puja5

Stay beautiful. Enjoy!

Bolo Durga Maa Ki Jai

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  1. You bongs definitely have gorgeous eyes, Ahana. I loved the way you have written it and have incorporated all the things. I am sure many girls would follow your advice. Tell your friend Debolina that her work is stunning and she must share more pictures on Madam Gupshup. 🙂

  2. wow Ahana… wat an well times post will definitely follow these tips…I will miss puja this time as i visit Assam during Puja every year. But lets see how is Delhi Durga Puja .. Thnx for sharing Kolkata pics…

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