8 Fashion Blunders that Can Ruin Your Looks

Hello IMBBians!
Hope you all are doing great. Today I am writing this post for all those people who are still using their old clothes like fish cut skirts or bell bottom jeans. 😛 Did you know such clothes are making you look older than you are? Here, I am listing down 8 fashion mistakes you should stop making to look fresh, young and stylish.

Fashion Blunders that can ruin your looks

1. Black or frameless glasses

unflattering reading glasses
I understand the fact that you work a lot on your laptop and you have to wear those huge black or frameless glasses, but they are not fashionable at all. There are very few people who can rock those black glasses and make themselves look seductive enough. Like Chitrangada Sen; I saw her in an advertisement and she looked amazing in her attire with glasses. Well coming back to the point, these huge black glasses can never make any girl look younger. I have seen girls wearing reading glasses perched at the end of their nose, also with a chain attached to them; seriously, they look so aged!

2. Dyeing your hair

I have a friend and she had colored her hair all blonde from top to bottom in a very light shade of blonde and she looked so old. Finally after some rude comments, she dyed her hair black – all black and she really looks amazing now. My point here is try to avoid dyeing your hair, or choose a flattering hair colour.

3. Ugly shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is everyone’s right but wearing an oversized or a manly sport shoe is not going to make you look tough or energetic…or young in any way. Girls are also entitled to wear comfy shoes but go for something edgy.

4. Mom jeans

mom jeans
I know wearing loose, high-waisted mom jeans make us feel comfortable but they make us look so bad and old. No one can really carry mom jeans with style and make themselves look young at the same time. They are so unflattering and outdated. Search for the latest trends and always opt for a well fitted pair of jeans.

5. Kimonos and cardigans

Kimonos are so much in trend but wearing super long, loose woolen kimonos is not cool at all. Cardigans are actually my favorite but sometimes they can make us look older too. Just select them wisely.

6. Too much makeup

makeup mistakes
Nude makeup or no makeup look works the best and helps you reflect your inner glow very well. But wearing too much makeup on occasions where it is not required can make you look way older. I understand you want your skin to look flawless but caking it up with foundation and super thick liners won’t do justice to your natural beauty.

7. Forgetting To Remove Tags off Clothes:

Sometimes we are too excited to wear new clothes and totally forget to remove price tags off clothes, totally uncool.

8. Old pattern handbags

wrong handbags
Anyone can carry a handbag but are you carrying the right one? A super dark bag with no structure at all can instantly spoil your entire look. Make sure you carry your bags as per the occasion too.

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9 thoughts on “8 Fashion Blunders that Can Ruin Your Looks

  1. Hey this is a very opinionated article! Its great to get tips from others but I thought this was a bit too biased

    1. Well i am sorry paavani if you thought i was biased but that was my opinion.☺
      The kimonos and cardigan point…. that was a bit too much for me as i love wearing them..but i have been told not to wear them often as they make me look mor than my age so i mentioned.
      Anyways..its just about carrying yourself well.

  2. I totally agree with the shoes, makeup and mom jeans points.. I am very very particular about choosing the shoes according to the outfit.

    Nice post Neha!! 🙂

  3. I think its all about opinions and personal choices too!

    I agree with the makeup bit and maybe with the Dyeing your hair too. But the rest are your own personal preferences and the occasions these things were worn for! I have seen women looking hot in sweatpants and dark acetate frames! Crocs with tons of jibbits on them, Kimonos and cardigans look super cute.. and as for mom jeans, I don’t think that everybody wants to go grocery shopping wearing skinny jeans and crop tops! 😀

  4. i agree with you laetitia. i have’nt mentioned any particular occassion or place to ve fashionable or so…
    you cannot obviously wear party wear clothes for grocery shopping.
    anyways..it depends on different people and different personalities.even i mentioned chitrangda sen for the glasses point.
    there are some people who can carry evry thing in a super classy way….

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