7 Fashion Fixes to Conceal Body Flaws

Hello pretty women!

How are you all? The wedding season is going on in full swing. All of us want to look our best, but some annoying body flaws may ruin our efforts. Sometimes it’s the flabby arms, sometimes the heavy thighs or sometimes that awkward muffin top. Although a regular workout regime is a solution, but what about some immediate fashion hacks? Let’s talk about a few in this post.

1. Peasant sleeves for untoned/flabby arms – Flabby arms cannot be treated instantly or in a short span of time. So, going sleeveless is not a great option. Moreover, fitting sleeves will also be inappropriate for your untoned arms. In this condition, peasant sleeves will come to the rescue because they not only cover the flab of arm but also make you look even more stylish effortlessly.

7 Fashion Fixes to Conceal Your Body Flaws-sailor pants

2. Sailor trousers/palazzos for unflattering knees – Sailor trousers may not be too common, but deserve a presence in your closet if you have dark, wrinkled or unflattering knees. If your choice does not allow you to pick sailor trousers, then palazzos are the pertinent alternative for you. Palazzos are nonetheless a far better option because a pair of printed palazzos with a plain crop top will look more appealing than your ordinary top and jeans.

3. V-neckline for a larger bust – There is nothing to be worried about because every problem has a solution. An outfit with a V-neckline shall help you. Although it does not conceals the untoned bust, but it deviates the attention from the tummy.

4. Flowy fabrics for heavy thighs – Just like flabby arms and over-sized bust, getting rid of heavy thighs is also not a one-day job. If you are wearing a tunic, make sure that it does not cling to the curves/thighs.

5. Off-shoulder with full sleeves for non-presentable elbows – Unflattering knees can ruin the beauty of smooth and toned legs and similarly, dark and wrinkled elbows can make your arms look so unpresentable. An off-shoulder outfit with full sleeves will definitely help.

7 Fashion Fixes to Conceal Your Body Flaws-edwardian

6. Edwardian era–inspired neckline for tanned neck area – Nothing can be better (and sophisticated) than Edwardian neckline which is specifically crafted in numerous designs to cover the neck area gracefully.

7. High-waist printed skirts for flabby stomach – If you are working hard to fight that tummy fat, then this tip is for you. Conceal your tummy with a high-waist skirt; the print will cover it elegantly. As simple as that.

7 Fashion Fixes to Conceal Your Body Flaws-high waist

Do not let your flaws make you hate yourself. Will meet you with another post soon! Take care and love yourself!

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