Fashion Styles for Older Women

You can easily see women over 50 clad in dull, tasteless clothes just because they think that there is no need to dress and style themselves at this stage of life. However, I do not agree that fashion or styling has age boundaries.


In my opinion no one is too old to look stylish and fashionable at any age. All you need to do is pick up age-appropriate styles from the latest trends to enhance your overall look like a chic fashion savvy women.

Mentioned below are few points that will help release you from the complications of what to wear and what to avoid when it comes to fashion after 50.

• Look for clothes that are made with better fabrics and fit you nicely. It is always better to choose clothes which are right fit in order to look elegant yet stylish and trendy.


• Opt for colours that go with well with your skin tone. Dressing up in right colours will add that much needed glow to your face and will infuse in you some confidence to sport the dress with élan.

• Invest in a pair of tailored black and white pants which have a slight flare at the bottom. You can go for light fabrics like cotton and rayon. To minimize a larger bottom or wide hips, avoid jeans with large pockets and embellishment on the front or sides of the jeans. For skirts, stick to straight cuts that hit mid calf.

• STAY AWAY from leather dresses like jackets, miniskirts, low waist jeans or Capri’s.

• Splurge on shoes and purses that are always in style. Wear shoes with a slight heel and always keep a nice pair of black flats or comfy dress heels in your collection. Remember that comfortable shoes don’t necessarily have to be ugly, so stop sacrificing style for comfort.

• Avoid wearing deep neck clothing until and unless you want people to notice the loose skin in that area. Hiding physical imperfection is what you should aim for at this age. Grab some stylish necklaces or just flaunt a classic silk scarf to look classy and stylish.


• It becomes more important to invest in quality undergarments when you reach a certain age. Well fitted, quality undergarments will help you deal with the dreaded sagging of the bust and abdominals.

• Go for simple yet stylish hair do. Getting a right hairstyle especially at this age is very important. At times a good hairstyle is all a person needs to perfectly accessorize and enhance their overall look.

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