Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

By Divya SG

Hi Ladies,

Are you uncomfortable with the outfit you choose? When you look at film stars, do you think how to wear such a fantastic dress? Don’t worry about being chubby.  Here, I have put together a few fashion tips for plus size women:

Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

  • Always wear the dresses which fit properly.  Clothes that fit your body and highlight your assets are best. Don’t wear loose dresses, it will make you look heavier.
  • For apple-shaped women (with broad shoulders, heavy upper body, and thin legs), wear narrow legged pants with a large top.
  • For pear-shaped woman, (narrow shoulders, thick thighs), wear shoulder pad tops.
  • Wear dark color dresses, it draws attention away from huge areas. But don’t hide yourself in full black.  If you are wearing a full black dress, add some colors like a colorful belt, clutch or sandals.
  • Wear heels to increase your height. A few added inches will take the attention away from your width. Buy a good and comfortable pair of sandals or shoes so that you can wear it throughout the day.  Make sure that you maintain a good posture while standing.
  • Do not wear stretch material, frill skirts or lycra material. Try to avoid shiny material because it will bring attention to the weight.
  • Wear off-shoulder or V-neck tops or strapless gowns for broad shoulders. Please note that V-neck tops will make your neck to appear longer.
  • Do not wear puff sleeves or cap sleeves. Do not wear big printed dresses. Small cute flowers, small dots, can add a lot of style.
  • Never stick to the same fashion, follow fashion sites, fashion blogs and be a trendsetter, wear whatever dress you like.
  • Invest more in selecting the correct and comfortable inner wear.
  • Highlight your dress with accessories. Do not wear chunky accessories. Wear long necklaces, wear scarf around your neck.
  • Don’t feel shy and become conscious by what others have to say about your outfit.  Be positive and think you are the queen.

Apart from the entire above, meet people with a glowing smile and that is the first thing that they will notice about you.

Following are some examples of plus size women with style:




Khloe Kardashian

Khloe kardashian

Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Blonsky

Farah Khan


I believe the above tips helped you on selecting a perfect outfit. Thank you for reading my article.

Keep smiling and enjoy your day.

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