9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work

By Tanya Arora

When you are at work, it’s not only your work that represents you, but also the way you carry yourself speaks a million. Here are some fashion trends that you should never wear to your work, in order to leave a lasting impression on everyone; plus, a bonus tip. Keep reading! 🙂

1. Shorts and Mini Dresses

9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work1

Yah! You have that mini dress that were longing to wear ever since you bought it, but why not save it for the vacation you are going on? Anything above the knees at office is never a good idea.

2. Strong Fragrances

9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work

Yes, you bath everyday. Yes, you like fragrances. But girl, be careful while choosing which fragrance to wear to office. You obviously won’t like it when people are sneezing all around you. Go for something light and fresh so that the fragrance does not disturb others while keeping you fresh.

3. Sheer Fabrics

9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work2

“But nothing much is visible!’. No dear! You are going there to work, and you are not Kylie Jenner walking down the red carpet. Make sure you and the people around you are comfortable in what you wear. Also, make sure you wear proper innerwear so that you can conceal all that is supposed to be.

4. Heavy Jewellery

9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work3

Just imagine – you are writing a mail to an important English client and the bracelets you are wearing type for you in Spanish! 😀 Or, you are in a meeting busy fixing your heavy earrings and you missed to note down all the important stuff. AVOID! Less is more. Wear jewellery that spells professionalism.

5. Deep Necklines

9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work9

“But, it’s an office party!” Mam! It still is work. There will still be people from your workplace, or probably your boss will be noticing you. Make sure you never expose too much on office parties.

6. Extremely Casual Outfits

9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work5

So you are allowed to wear “casuals” on Fridays, and thus you pick up your sweatshirt and a track-pants. Well, that’s a big no-no. Casuals at office do not mean that you have the liberty to be a zombie, or to show off your gym clothes.

7. Heavy Makeup

9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work8

No dear! You got it wrong. There won’t be any ramp at the office, unless you are a model! Wear makeup that only makes you look more presentable and do not go OTT. By the way, heavy makeup, if worn everyday, won’t do any good to your skin either.

8. The Wrong Footwear

9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work

Even though they lie really down, they tell a lot about you. Even the best of professional attire would seem awkward if paired with flip-flops, floaters etc. Make sure you choose your footwear as per the clothes.

9. Too Much Bling 

9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work7

Ladies, you have all the rights in the world to wear bling and all the sequins under the sun. But, only on the disco nights!

And, one more important thing you should never ever ever wear to office is –

Bad Breath : Yes! Always maintain oral hygiene and make sure people don’t vanish as soon as you start talking to them.

If there is something that you think is totally weird when worn to office, let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “9 Fashion Trends You Should Never Wear to Work

  1. I have actually seen people wearing trackpants to office, even on Mondays, and it kinda makes a Monday even worse. I hate strong fragrances in office since most of them give me headache. You have made a really nice list Tanya. Looking forward to more such amazing articles! 🙂

  2. so true.. and i will also add floaters here how can ppl wear floaters with formals i do see some people at my workplace 😛

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