10 Fattening Foods you Should Never Eat

In a world where unhealthy and processed food can be marketed as “healthy” and “diet friendly,” it’s easy to get confused and fall into the trap of marketing gimmicks. So, when you rely on them to lose weight, they can instead pile on extra pounds due to their highly fattening properties. Also, there are certain foods which may not appear “too bad” for weight loss, but they too accelerate weight gain. Want to know the stuff we are pointing fingers at? Scroll down further for more details on fattening foods you should never eat, if you want to lose weight and remain healthy.

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1. Margarine: Many people still believe that margarine is a healthier and weight-los friendly option compared to plain butter! But the truth is that margarine is whipped from vegetable oils and is a heavily processed food; it may contain transfat which has been linked to increased risk of obesity and cardiovsacular diseases. Though butter has saturated fats, it’s a dairy product and does not go through the “hydrogenation” process which turns oils into a solid formula, like margarine. Heavily processed foods like margarine can raise inflammation in the body, making it extremely difficult to shed extra weight. So, stick to naturally-extracted butter and practice moderation with it too.
2. Packaged Fruit Juices and Jams: Most packaged fruit juices and jam bottles claim to have the goodness of natural fruits in them, but they have sugar and preservatives that just ruin their “all natural” claim. Needless to mention, they are not weight loss friendly.
3. Pizza: It’s one of the most popular junk food the world over. So, it’s better to reserve pizzas for your cheat days because it is made from refined flour, unhealthy fats, sodium – all of which promote weight gain.
4. White Bread: White carbs are bad, same goes for white bread. Since bread is a convenient breakfast food in most households, find alternatives with whole wheat or whole grains in them. Additionally, check out this list of better options to swap white bread with.
5. Canned fruits in syrups: Can you believe it, some people do think canned fruits are healthy, but how do fruits that are soaked in sugary syrup help with weight loss? They are the easiest way to gain weight and build up belly fat.
6. Biscuits/Cookies/Pastries: They are made of everything refined – flour, sugar, and also have transfat – all of which increase belly fat and overall weight.
7. French Fries at the Nearby Fast-Food Restaurant: They are completely fattening, with transfat, loads of calories, and everything unhealthy.
8. Frozen Desserts: A majority of frozen desserts contain vegetable oil with unhealthy fat content leading to inflammation and weight gain. Most of the ice creams available in the market are just frozen desserts, so do read the ingredients list before buying.
9. Readymade Coffee Drinks: Heavily laced with sugar, these readymade coffee drinks spike insulin and encourage the body to store extra calories as fat. Brew your own coffee people!
10. Whipped Cream: High in calories and fat content, the store-bought ones are highly fattening in nature.

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