My Favorite Lotus Herbals Lipsticks

My Favorite Lotus Herbals Lipsticks

Today’s post is so special, I have loved their lipsticks for a long time and two of them are classics and are at the top of my mind always, anyone says recommend a peach and pink lipstick I say Peach Creme and Pink Blush from the Pure Colors range, not only those, today I want to recommend to all our readers, the best of best from Lotus Herbals, take a look at my collection 🙂

Favorite Lotus Herbals Lipsticks

Let me start with the Floral glam shade I love:

Sensuous mauve:

This is perhaps the only creamy light mauve that I can carry, it is perfect pinky mauve, not very blue, and it is creamy and smooth and hydrates lips as well, this is a must-have from Lotus Herbals.

Left Sensuous mauve, Right Sand Storm

lotus herbals lipstick (1)

Lotus herbals lipstick swatches (1)

Moist petals Sand storm:

This is a great MLBB shade, it has this brown to it so it suits warm skin tones, it is great for office, it is not milky so it will never wash you out.I bought it online from Lotus Herbals and has no idea about the shade but I am so glad I did.


My pure colors collection:

Lotus herbals pure colors lipsticks (1)

Peach Creme:

This is a classic orange shade so wearable I cannot say how much I love this lipstick, it really brightens the face up and these are super soft.

Swatch: Third from left.

Lotus herbals lipstick swatches (2)


Perky peach:

This can be a nude milky shade for fair skin tones, it is perfect for day wear or with smokey eyes, it goes on lighter than my lips, a very pretty color.

Swatch:First from left above.

Coral rose:

This took me by surprise when I saw it in a beauty store nearby, I instantly picked it up, this is the most amazing pink you can own at this price.

Swatch: Second from left above



An amazing day wear and office wear shade, seems like it is meant to be a soft brown pink for Indian skin tone feel very light and moisturizing, again a must have if you like subtle colors.

Swatch: Frouth from left

Coming to the next lot of Pure Colors,

Crimson red:

A classic pure red, perfect bridal wear too, this will brighten the face and is great for traditional wear and parties, no shimmer at all makes it the best red around. Sweta’s review here

red lips

Swatches: L-R

Crimson red, Red rose, Pink blush

Lotus herbals lipstick swatches (3)


Red rose:

This was again a surprising shade, i forgot where i picked it up from but it is a deeper pink but ideal for fair to medium skin tones, like the above colors, this too does not have shimmer, it comes in a cream finish.


Pink blush:

My most favorite pink ever, it is not too pale, not to hot, just right for me, need to get a back up of this one.

From the long lasting range:

lotus herbals lipstick (2)

Dawn glow:

A must have orange for me, perfect for warm skin tones, it is matte and long lasting.

dawn glow

Cherry on top:

Cherry on top, was an instant love for me, Why I say this is because it is the right mix of fuchsia and pink which brightens my face up immediately. This is a pure matte, which I love, I line my lips with a pink, apply this and it sets to perfection, this will not stain at all and last you the whole day long.


Bubbly nude:

Again a great nude brown for Indian skin tones, you can layer it up to make it browner but one swipe is great for smokey eyes nude lips look.



I honestly think such deeper pinks do a lot for our Indian skin tones. For me, they lift my dead face sometimes, help me keep the pout and also brighten complexion. This shade goes totally matte, and is extremely pigmented, and you need just one swipe for great color. The color sets after application and you could also use it as a stain.An absolute favorite.


Apricot Bliss:

I love it on me so much that i might buy a back up of this. This is mildly pigmented and on the lips it goes such a gorgeous nude, it is very flattering . This again goes matte and sets and lasts you for ages. This is a perfect color for office and an MLBB shade. 🙂 Love it!

 apricot bliss

So ladies which colors do you own and love by Lotus Herbals?


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